Energy Layer - Blaze Ragnaruk/Berserk Roktavor R3

so now another layer's nearing the point of uselessness? or can it still be used to some extent? just a bit curious.
(Nov. 04, 2017  1:56 PM)Dragunix Wrote: so now another layer's nearing the point of uselessness? or can it still be used to some extent? just a bit curious.

Drain Fafnir has a hard time against it
okay. thank you.
(Oct. 28, 2017  9:47 PM)MonoDragon Wrote:
(May. 13, 2017  5:02 AM)MonoDragon Wrote: Berserk Roktavor R3, known as Blaze Ragnaruk in Japan, is an Energy Layer released as part of the Burst System. It debuted with the release of the B-75 Booster Blaze Ragnaruk 4Cross Flugel on March 18th, 2017.

Berserk Roktavor is a round Energy Layer designed for stamina. Consisting of a small inner layer made of clear plastic and four wings, two of which are small and made of clear plastic and two of which are large are made of colored plastic. The large wings are molded to create the visage of heads to match the anime's rendition of the Layer's beast, a winged demon. The small clear wings are dubbed the "Stamina Wings" and make up the gimmick of this Layer.

In theory, the edges of the wings would extend from their hinges and increase a Beyblade's stamina by increasing the Layer's Outward Weight Distribution, however in practice the size of the wings are simply too small to cause any noticeable weight shift and thus serve no real purpose.

The compact placement of the wings creates a very round design where any protrusions and gaps from and between the wings are too shallow to create high recoil. The large size of the wings imply high Outward Weight Distribution and stamina potential but in actuality, Berserk Roktavor's stamina is only average. The Takara Tomy release features four teeth of tall height giving this Layer high Burst resistance.

==Use in Balance Customizatons==
Berserk Roktavor can be put to use in Balance combinations such as Berserk Roktavor 2/4/5/7 Glaive/Cross Atomic/Orbit. Due to the high Burst resistance of Berserk Roktavor it can use heavier disks such as 2/4/5/7 without suffering from high Burst risk and the Glaive/Cross Frame can add Life After Death. The free spinning ball of Atomic/Orbit aids Berserk Roktavor's Burst resistance and gives the combination Stamina.

Berserk Roktavor is a vast improvement over its predecessors Roktavor and Roktavor R2 due to changing from elliptical to round in shape and the much taller teeth. The Burst resistance of the Layer makes is a great choice for Defense combinations with greater stamina than other Layers such as Kries Satan and its smooth perimeter makes it a consistent counter against Drain Fafnir. However with the release of Alter Chronos, Berserk Roktavor has become outclassed. As such, Berserk Roktavor is not a must have, but instead a welcome addition to any blader's collection.

==Differences in the Hasbro-Version==
The Hasbro release of Berserk Roktavor is visually identical to the Takara-Tomy Version. However, like all other Hasbro releases of the Switchstrike System, the god chip is not removable. The slopes present on the Hasbro release of Berserk Roktavor are very strong, giving it high burst defense  which is comparable to Energy layers like Unicrest. However, due to its lower stamina and somewhat more aggressive design compared to other top-tier Stamina layers such as Jormuntor J2 and Kerbeus, Berserk Roktavor is severly outclassed for Stamina Customizations. Furthermore, its somewhat aggressive shape in comparison to the top-tier Energy layers available for Defense Customizations such as Gaianon G2 and Tempest Wyvorn, makes it outclassed for Defense Customizations too.  However, due to its moderately aggressive design and higher stamina compared to other Attack-oriented Energy layers, it shines in Balance(Attack/Stamina)Customizations. Due to this Berserk Roktavor is a must-have for any competitive blader. 

==Use in Balance(Attack/Stamina)Customization==
Berserk Roktavor can be put to use in Balance(Attack/Stamina)Customization Berserk Roktavor Heavy/Gravity/Spread/Knuckle/2/4 Glaive/Cross Zephyr/Accel. The recoil inducing shape of Berserk Roktavor combined with the heavy weight and high stamina of Heavy/Gravity/Spread/Knuckle/2/4 Glaive/Cross can provide powerful hits to burst the opponent. In addition to this, the higher stamina of Berserk Roktavor compared to other Attack-Oriented layers, allow this Customization to outspin opponents it fails to burst or KO.

==Product List==
==Takara Tomy==
  • B-75 Booster Blaze Ragnaruk 4Cross Flugel (orange)
  • Blaze Ragnaruk 4Cross Flugel (Premiere Set) (translucent dark blue, translucent dark blue God Chip)
  • Blaze Ragnaruk 4Cross Flugel (WBBA G3 Prize) (red, translucent orange God Chip)
  • B-87 Blaze Ragnaruk Nine Liner (Random Booster Vol. 7) (black, translucent red God Chip)
  • Blaze Ragnaruk Triple Revolve (Random Booster Vol. 8) (light green)
  • Berserk Roktavor R3 4Cross Flugel (orange)
added hasbro ver. from testing r3 is a pretty good mixed attacker.