[Edmonton, AB] Revival Tournament!

Lets make it official! 

Hoping to get a solid group for the Edmonton Blading Community!

Post a comment here if your interested!

Join the Edmonton Bladers Facebook group and introduce yourself!

Join the WBO discord!

Event will be at Time Vault - Yellowhead and 66th st on Sept 25 2022 @5pm (doors open @4pm) $10 admin fee for floor space.

I will be applying as event organizer!

hope to see a good crowd!
I'm Always Ready for a Battle!
always ready to spin for a win ... or a good loss
(Oct. 06, 2022  3:17 AM)L30UV Wrote: Just missed it

Hoping to have another one this month. Join the Edmonton WBO facebook group or stay posted in the discord for updates.
Hey just wondering where you can buy local tt beys or pro series ones in edm or red deer?