Driger ++++ Combo!!

Ah i was just playing with my beyblade parts and made this!!!

AR: Triple Tiger (Driger G)
WD: Ten Balance
SG: Neo Right SG
BB: Customize Change Base (Dranzer V2)

Try it!! Its not bad. its like tough with endurance as it's + point. Hard direct hit launches would be very helpfull to strike a win!!! Check this launch out.
Rumble Death: For this attack you should have a great experience of aiming at specific points. This could be done with any blade and it is better to have a catapult spring launcher. After the 3rd count rip your blade high tilted up in the air, aiming for the opponent's blade in the stadium when it falls back down. Now if you are able to hit the opponent's blade that means now you have 85% of chance to win the battle however, if you miss it, you could end up in your own defeat.
or try this one
Destructo launch: A heavy blade for this launch would be the best choice. Launch your blade just a second after your opponents blade and pull back the ripcord hard with your launcher pushed forward with speed aiming to the front stadium wall. The beyblade will leave the launcher with alot of force and if your opponent's blade comes in between the wall and your blade (80% Chances) there would be 95% chances of your oppnonents blade to be knocked out of the stadium. If your opponents blade resists or misses the first hit then there will be a second chance of hitting the opponents blade after your blade strikes back from hitting the wall into the opponents blade, though, it won't be that critical than it would have been in the first hit.
Both r made by me! More can be found on my site!! www.beybladexortic.byethost15.com
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1. What SP are you using?
2. This seems to be Dranzer V2 with a different AR (not much of an improvement)
3. Your first launch is carp. Rumble Death would kill you because if you launch into the air gravity takes over and spin dies (I have tried this) You wouldn't land spinning.
4. That Destructo Launch would work better with a light weight high speed smash attacker. Like something with Uriel 2's BB or even Dragoon MS/UV's Running core. So it ricochets off things with more speed, but even then you're likely to stadium out or land in a pocket. It's Catapult Shoot aimed differently.
There is a lot better bases out there you could use for this combo, what parts do you have?
Heh, hes right your Rumble death IS carp, if u dont hit the enemy u die, if u DO you BOTH die. and the second one is more luck than normally needed. Anyways the beyblade sounds cool
That's not much help in just flaming whatever he posted...
Kei Wrote:There is a lot better bases out there you could use for this combo

Yeah, especially since you're using the Triple Tiger. The purpose of the Customize Change Base was for swooping attacks, and any swooping attacks started by the Base will be halted by the Triple Tiger.

I'd say either switch the AR or BB, probably the BB, since in this case, the BB will cause more problems than the AR.

I won't go into the special launches, since it's been covered already.