[Draft]  Performance Tip - Sword'

[b]Sword'[/b] (ソードダッシュ, Sōdo Dasshu) is a Performance Tip released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Dynamite Battle Layer System. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-200 Starter, Xiphoid Xcalibur Xanthus Sword'-1, on July 16th, 2022.
Sword' features a wide, metal, six-pointed star tip, akin to a combination of IronAssault and Jaggy. Due to the shape and surface area, Sword' will create a highly aggressive movement pattern with speeds comparable to Assault. However, the rough perimeter, low friction of the metal and wide diameter of the tip makes it difficult for Sword' to maintain a banking pattern and creates relatively poor Stamina despite the metal construction, making Sword' ill-suited for Tornado Stalling Combinations as well.

Furthermore, Sword' features two sword-like protrusions on either side. Due to the height of the Burst System, no Combination can come into contact with the protrusions and they instead create a severe scrape risk, nullifying Life-After-Death potential. When paired with the Xcalibur line of Layers, the protrusions are meant to line up with the Layer's sword point to increase Attack potential. However, the protrusions are too small have any noticeable effect.

Finally, Sword' is taller than most other Performance Tips which further reduces Attack potential as most Attack Type benefit from being at lower heights, though the release of Dynamite Battle Layer Discs has somewhat necessitated taller tips to reduce scrape risk.

Unlike its predecessor, Sword' features a much thicker spring in its locking mechanism, increasing Sword' 's Burst Resistance.
Despite the dash tip, Sword' retains its predecessor's poor control and stamina, as well as its scrape risk, making it outclassed by rubber tips such as Xtreme' and Quick' for attack.

As such, Sword' is for collection purposes only.

(Now, before you say its too son, Sw' didn't too hot in Zankye's testing vid, so why would Xiphoid change that? In the event it does, feel free to correct me.)
I feel like it's way too early for this Draft. There hasn't been any proper testing on this driver and the Bey hasn't even come out. Even if there is a Very Low Chance that the Driver won't be any different I still think it is too early to say in my opinion. No offense or anything but sometimes I feel like you're too eager to make Wiki Pages, I recommend waiting a week or 2 after proper testing is done. You need to make sure all your information is correct if you're gonna give it out to the public.