[Draft]  Performance Tip/Driver - Power (Pw)

Power is a driver that features a unique gimmick that boosts its burst resistance. Its tip can be pushed inwards, and is directly connected to the spring that supports the driver’s tab. As the tab is the contact point with the layer’s teeth, pushing the tip inwards will make the tab exert more force onto the teeth, increasing its burst resistance. In theory, the gimmick should bolster the driver’s burst resistance. In practice however, the weight of beys aren’t substantial enough to exert enough force on the tip to push it inwards, thus making the gimmick ineffective.

It has a plastic flat, star shaped tip similar to Jaggy and Destroy. While this causes it to move aggressively around the stadium, the rough perimeters make it hard to maintain a good attack pattern. It also has four protruding corners around the tip, which causes it to scrape very easily. These factors make it struggle to be an effective attack driver.

While it has an interesting gimmick, Power is badly outclassed by dash drivers like Destroy-dash. As such, it is recommended for collection purposes only.