[Draft]  Chassis - 1A

1A, also known as 1-Attack, is a Chassis released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Superking Layer System. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-159 Booster Super Hyperion Xceed 1A on March 28th, 2020.
1A is a Double Chassis with 4 counterclockwise facing blades, somewhat resembling a rounder version of Dragoon V's Eight Attacker Attack Ring (as well as Dragoon V2's Spike Dragon Attack Ring) from the original series. Unlike most Double Chassis, it is only compatible with a Right Spin Ring and Chip. Like most double Chassis, its thick design increase Burst Resistance.

In theory, 1A's big blades would make it good for attack combinations, but in truth the small blades and rarity of Chassis Layer contact makes such use niche. 1A also has mediocre performance in all other areas.

It is designed to work with Super by enhancing its Burst Resistance and power, but the emergence of alternatives has left this use rather niche. Its design is also somewhat synergises well with Tempest due to Tempest's 4 bladed shape. As such, it has found a niche in Anti-Attack combinations.
==Use in Anti-Attack Combinations==
1A can be used in the Anti-Attack Combination Tempest Diabolos/Spriggan/Lucifer/Solomon(MCC)/Hyperion II(MCC) Destroy' 1A. The heavy weight of the Chips and Tempest, as well as 1A, allows it to resist getting knocked out. Tempest's high Stamina, meanwhile, allows it outspin most Attack Types. That said, Destroy' aggressive pattern and 1A's thick blades give it enough aggression to handle Stamina oriented combinations as well. However, there are better alternatives for 1A in this context as well.
Being one of the 1st Double Chassis ever released, 1A was one of the most go to picks for Attack combinations, but as time went on, alternatives appeared such as 2A and 3A, rendering it mostly outclassed. While it does have a niche with Tempest for Anti Attack combinations, in the grand scheme of things it is unable to compete with most Dynamite Battle Layers.

As such, 1A is meant for collection purposes only.