[Draft]  BU Blade - Gatling

Gatling (ガトリング, Gatoringu) is a BU Blade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Dynamite Battle Layer System. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-199 Booster, Gatling Dragon Karma Charge Metal'-10, on June 25th, 2022.
Gatling, like its predecessor Tempest, is a BU Blade with an Awakening Gimmick, featuring a 4 bladed shape molded in the form of 2 dragon heads. Like Tempest, the original release features rainbow stickers referencing Rainbow-Flux. Furethermore, it is thicker and sits higher that most blades.

In is default "Slash" Mode, its dragon heads face downwards and are fixed. Theoretically, like Tempest, if the dragon heads receive enough impact, they will flare out red sections and enter "Continuous Slash" Mode, which is meant to work akin to Killer Deathscyther by dealing a Double Strike by the Dragon Heads moving back then when the beyblade slows down upon impact, slide back and deal a second blow. In truth, due to how small the blades are, any difference caused by this mode change is minor.

Compared to Tempest, which was excellent during its time for Stamina, Gatling's Stamina is rather mediocre, as it is only capable of outspinning Prominence and Astral but not the dominant Dynamite(F Gear), and in spite of its height can't destabilise the latter. In comparison, its big size and high OWD can hold its own against opposite spin Stamina Blades such as Vanish. 

Despite being advertised as an Attack blade, much like its stamina roles, Gatling is only usable against opposite spin opponents, as its passive design makes it not as good against same-spin, though its defensive prowess isn't that strong either, even against the opposite spin Guilty.

In spite of its inconsistent performance in all areas, Gatling does have good synergy with one part: Rise. When paired with a worn Rise, it gains enough speed and LAD to go toe to toe with Attack Combos on Anti-Attack combinations, where it can put its weight to good use.
==Use in Anti-Attack Combinations==
Gatling can be used in the Anti-Attack Combination Gatling Belial 2/Dragon Over/Giga Rise(Worn)-0/10. A worn Rise's high speed allows it to be fast enough to keep up with attack type combinations, even on Xtreme', allowing Gatling's high weight to shine to knock them out, while Rise's LAD is decent enough to outspin foes if a Knockout has not been achieved.
Gatling's poor same spin potential makes it outclassed by Dynamite+F for Stamina and Ultimate/Savior for Attack, but its niche in opposite spin Attack/Stamina and Tornado Stalling makes it decently flexible for various situations.

As such, Gatling is not a must have but is a worth addition to any blader's collection.