Dracarios Twilis custom

Attack Ring:Black Hayate

Weight Disk:Red 8 Wide(I think, it's red with 8 sides)

BaseGrinragoon Galaxy, Engine Gear doesn't quite work.

Any comments and suggestions would be great, thanks.
Okay, so I just read the handbook, and found out that I can't officially use Hayate. And I also confirmed that the weight disk is 8 Wide. Still, any and all comments and suggestions would be great.
if your trying to ask can you can make a good combo out of those parts go to this thread.
Um, it's not really great. Engine gears are really too tall to be used in most competitive combos and I imagine it would have to work to be legal......I'm not sure, depends how it's broken I guess. And then, as you said, Hayate' AR is illegal and it's not very good either. I'd suggest listing your bey in the thread Sam has shown you to....
Actually, Hayate has the best smash I've ever seen in a plastic, but it's far to risky because of the huge recoil. I dented my stadiums walls with the following
10 Wide
Grip Base

Illegal for a good reason, lol. The engine won't help though tough, put it on a lower base.
Haha, the recoil is insane. However, in this combo it's be in left spin.....so not so great.
Nope, Triple Wing rarely suffers from recoil. Hence why it's so damn awesome.
Actually, I swapped out for a right spin gear. And the locker pieces are missing so the engine won't lock.
Like this:
[Image: tisinc99_2063_2024119172]
*ignore the "click to enlarge" part

Black Hayate is obviously black.
WBO Rulebook Standard Release] Wrote:UNIVERSAL RESTRICTIONS
This section contains activities that are illegal in all WBO play, regardless of which format
the BeyBattle is played under.
Most official Beyblade tops are declared legal by the WBO. However, there are several
special parts that are not allowed in sanctioned WBO BeyBattles.
• Light Wheels (plastic versions of Metal Wheels that are obtained from Random Booster
Light Volumes)
• Gyros Weight Disk (included with Beyblade Bearing Gyros packages)
• Hidden Spirits Beyblades (any parts)
• Electronic Beyblades
• Remote Control Beyblades
• Burger King and Kellogg's Promotional Beyblades (these are considered unofficial)
• Any Beyblade sideline/promotional product that is not compatible with the mainline
Beyblade series of tops.

It sucks anyway.