[DFW, Texas, USA] The Dallas/Fort-Worth Thread!

Poll: Which Shop Shall Hold Our EVENT

Comic Asylum (5 dollar fee prize= store credit ONLY)
Comic Book Craze (7 dollar fee=BEYBLADE PRIZES
Total: 100% 8 vote(s)
I might be able to join. I'm just skeptical because I'm not the best, and all of my new stuff hasn't even arrived yet; not even the limited Phantom Orion parts, nor any of my 4D. I'm just stuck with Lightning, Earth, and Burn wheels as my combos (not telling the others) so I feel that I'm not going to win any, seeing as everything I have is outclassed )-: not to mention I have to find someone to drive me, assuming I even go. My birthday is just next week, and my dad bought some parts too, so I was rather hoping that it would be after. I might be mistaken on the date though? I'm just hoping the stuff I bought on eBay comes soon.

And Galaxy Jay, remember? Did you already get the Screw Capricorne?

EDIT: And can I make the team name? All of us in Dallas can become a team, and I can make the team name. Possibly manage it too, seeing as I have a lot of time on my hands.
Nope Tongue_out Its in US, though. And this is a general thread I believe. Also, as Ive said, Im selling stuff, so you can buy stuff if it isnt there.
Yeah this really isn't for any teams; they are fairly pointless anyways.
Okay. Galaxy Jay, by any chance, you have a Beylauncher LR? And so you don't have the Screw Capricorne yet? I need the 90, the Screw, and the MF.
count me in
Sweet! alright so ill probably call a few of those comic shops today to see if they are willing to let us use they store to hold our event. who knows we could be the reason the start weekly beyblade tournaments xD

ALRIGHT MAJOR UPDATE GUYS!!!! we can hold our tournament/event at:
Comic Asylum
905 North Jupiter Rd #170
Richardson Texas, 75081

There WILL be a 5$ ENTRY FEE to pay the store for the use of their space and we can only use Takara Tomy Attack Stadiums if we HAVE THE FENCES UP. the owner does not want flying tops all over his store. please let me know ASAP if this is ok with you! its only the first comic shop i have called so if somebody doesnt want to hold it here please speak out now so i can call other shops. depending on how many people come depends on the prize money. prize money must be used as STORE CREDIT.

we can hold it at
Comic Book Craze
1456 Belt Line RD #121
Garland TX

then have a 7 dollar entry fee but that money can go for actual BEYBLADE PRIZES!!!. and we dont needto use BB-10 Fences like in the other store though we still should just in case. so i will add a poll to the thread and depending on how voting ends by TOMORROW NIGHT. is where we will hold the event. THANKS
We can hold it at Comic Book Cras
It's alright with me. I'm good either way.
I hace the fences, I just cant assemble them. Too hard. Anyone have a bb10 besides me?
(Nov. 19, 2011  8:07 PM)Giga-Impact Wrote: I do, but its got some dents.

on the actual play area?
That sucks. Also if I get like 8 bucks then the winner gets Jade Jupiter. And I will be selling:

1 Big Bang Pegasis DX Set
3 Ultimate DX Sets
2 Scythe Kronos
3 Phantom Orion
2 BB 10s
8 RBV8
(Nov. 19, 2011  8:11 PM)Galaxy Jay Wrote: That sucks. Also if I get like 8 bucks then the winner gets Jade Jupiter. And I will be selling:

1 Big Bang Pegasis DX Set
3 Ultimate DX Sets
2 Scythe Kronos
3 Phantom Orion
2 BB 10s
8 RBV8
^^^^^ DAWW no SBS Uncertain
ill pm you about the prize deal. aww no fang or VariAres. i need an new L/R beylancher anyways... xD but yeah im kinda leaning towards Comic book craze cause we can get beyblade prizes and not have to spend the money on something unwanted with store credit....
I might go, it has to be during a holiday or weekend though because both of those places are about an hour away from me.
Its on next Saturday at 2. Thanksgiving Break.
So are we still deciding on location?
The vote is 3-0 for:

Comic Book Craze
1456 Belt Line RD #121
Garland TX

Tell your friends. Grin And read ALL the pages in this thread.
Alright no age limit and stuff right? xD I'll post on Fb and pm people from my old thread.
No, theres TOTTALLY age restictions XD No there isnt. Just bring 7 bucks to entry, as I need to pay for prizes. Also, you have a bb10?
Yeah got it from Galaxy Pegasis DX set.
There's no way I'm winning, saw some of your videos Smile Plus I'm still waitin on my shipment for my 4D Beyblades.
Bro, Im selling stuff. HANG IN THERE!!!! you wont be crushed, hopefully Tongue_out Just buy a Phantom Orion or an Ultimate DX Set from meh.
<-Poor, Haha too late spent like 45$ on bad choices of Beyblades Pinching_eyes_2 The only 4D I actually got is Screw Capricorn. Also I'm giving something away and I heard it's good but I can't use it or unbox it cause I promised my subscribers.
With MF you can survive. Go buy a Hell Kerbecs and Gravity, so you can make G Perseus BD145MF.