Custom Bey Combo

Dragon Winder for each, No Sliding Shoot. I didn't think something that heavy and unbalanced could sustain a decent pattern anyway.
ahhh thats why if you did a sliding shot it would have knocked it out almost everytime
And btw weiht makes things more balenced 1st ep of the orginal beyblades they even say that more weight makes it able to spin longer.
And that in general is a bit more of a myth and TV fluff than anything. With MFB's especially, weight tends to kill stamina. Add a Metal Face onto a Virgo DF145D, see the difference weight adds to it.

As far as using a sliding shoot goes, the beyblade has to be appropriate for it as well. The only time you can guarantee a shot, especially sliding shoot, is if you're aiming for it with a fire one, fire two type of test. I can honestly I can see a zombie winning this match up with two equal level bladers. 2 WD just isn't very good overall.
it does make it more balence and spin longer do a test with just it in the staduim and time it and it can spin for way longer then a single weight disc and a double WD is only around the same weight as a MFB or HMS
What are you talking about? Hiro gave you reasons, did you actually read his post?
And I tested it, and lost a Weight Disk, and took a piece off the Stadium when it exploded.

I also don't feel like jeopardizing my Galeon Attack Ring to pursue this further.
I lol at DWD...Triple WD is where its at. And if you think a DWD moves slow, wait til you see a triple.
Never tried a DWD without a BB though, seems kinds like the SG would get anhiliated Uncertain