[Coventry/West Midlands] Interest in hosting a Beyblade Locals Club/Event!

Hi, after noticing how many bladers in the UK where looking for events and just generally meetups to talk and just play beyblade burst together, I figured I'd try and start a local community, I'm making this thread to see if there's much interest in hosting such an event, but so far the plan is to gather at Escape Games in Coventry on Thursday 7th of October at 5:30PM, given there was enough people willing to come, if enough people want to show up and do show up, maybe we could make it a bi-weekly event, serving as a hub for local bladers to meet up.

I have permission from the store to use it as a venue on Thursdays for meeting up and blading so it's all certified with them. I also have a Takara Tomy Beystadium Standard Type that I will be bringing naturally as the organiser. All I need is for bladers in the area to show up!

Interested in hearing what you guys think of this and if you'd be interested.

I have also made a facebook page for those of you interested: https://www.facebook.com/groups/burstwestmid.