Cosmic Discussion

Here are my tests(Sorry I could only do eight rounds-my best R2F started moving like a snail)
Standard Procedure
Cosmic Kerbecs TH170 R2F vs MF Death Aquario BD145 CS
Cosmic:4 Wins(All KO)
Death:4 Wins(3 KO,1 OS)
(Sep. 20, 2012  1:04 AM)dragonslayer430 Wrote: Cosmic is top ten metal fury (hasbro) beyblades it has thhe great attack power but it has weaknesses it can beat easy

Bro I think ur a bit mis-understood over here......
I mean we've seen BBP smash down DIABLO NEMESIS ridiculously in real life already..........
It not only depends on the bey yo, it depends on the blader,skill and launchin' techs..........
Also BBP is awesome wit DUAL STRING LAUNCHER Wink
Believe me I own one yo
Just to get this straight the cosmic your talking about is the one piece metal fury not the hyper blade cosmic?
(Jun. 05, 2013  10:26 PM)nupmuk Wrote: Just to get this straight the cosmic your talking about is the one piece metal fury not the hyper blade cosmic?

Have you read anything in this thread?
yes I have.
(Jun. 05, 2013  10:31 PM)nupmuk Wrote: yes I have.

Its obviously the Hasbro Metal Fury Cosmic, next time, read the entire thread, before you ask. This was made before the Hyperblades were even out.
OK, I was just asking.
Let's be honest guys, Cosmic is pretty terrible. Sure, it had some "lol it KOed things!1" going for it, but A) It was Meow! who did those tests, and at risk for sounding like I'm sucking up, he's kind of godlike with attack types; B) Cosmic wouldn't do a thing to most modern defenders or anti-attackers, at least not safely; and C) Now that Flash has been released in America, this is no longer the "best the US will get for Attack", which was its only true saving grace.

TL;DR: Cosmic is a fun and hilariously entertaining part, but competitively it bites. To call it outclassed is being too friendly.
Thank goodness someone else says it. Now let us authentify it via Beywiki hah.
I completely agree. Just becuase it is probably the best purchase out of the "Hasbro's lighter mold Metal Fury beys" does not mean it is good. Yes it can KO Duo. can MS Sagittario (Probably haven't heard about that wheel in a long time!) I forgot to mention that MS Sagittario has is fair share of KOs against some of the less amazing Synchrom Defenders, but lets be honest: no one in their right mind has used MS Sagittario in a tourney for a long time. This is also Cosmic's case. I just can't picture Cosmic getting tournament use unless it is a joke of some sort. Lol (Just letting you know I agree with you, if it seems like I am rehashing the already well-stated point Ingulit made.)