[Cornwall, UK] Beyblade Tournament in Cornwall

Poll: Would you attend a beyblade tournament in Cornwall

Yes, Definatley
No, Sorry
Probably not/Too far
Total: 100% 137 vote(s)
If you want a tournament then find a local meeting place where people play beyblade and and tell everyone!
is there any tournaments near newbuildings
hopefully even though i dont live there and i dont know where that place is
will there be a tornament in holyhead or llandudno
(Feb. 01, 2010  8:57 PM)Benkei Wrote: I understand how you feel. Once there are enough users in the south-west I plan to host a tournament in Bristol. However for now, there are frequent tournaments in London. BTW there was no need to necropost.

I would definetly come to that. I could help you organize it.
will there be a tournament in birmingham because i live in birmingham
i'd love to make a beyblade torney in norfolk but i don't see many ppl in my parts who play beyblade
Im making a tournament at Northampton and if you want to come ( Which i know your not gonna ) then come to magaret st and you wil see a boy who is kinda fat with a beyblade stadium light l drago hasbro. With a 3 segment launcher grip and a string launcher and if you cant find me i will be next to number 6 margaret street and we wil need 3 people to come .. i got some friends who has got beyblades .

Time 5:00 pm
Day: 17th Sept
if ther was any tournermants in england id try and go i realy want to go a tourny Smile iwould also go any neer leiceter
i wish the tornaments people organise were close to me i live in stourbridge and iv been in quite a few battles and never lost all i want is to face someone who is stronger then the people i faced before
i live in kent we need a tournament
Im from weston super mare......bristol isnt that far from here...i could help you set up Beyblade tournaments??
im having a beyblade tornement in the park in deleon st date is febuary 20 at 4:00
OK, you need to get it approved first.
Confused does anyone live in solihull i am willing to host a tournament if i get a helper or two entry is 20p or 50p i dunno mabye we can have a prize please reply Smile
Solihul is not near cornwall, make your own thread, how can it be 20 p if it is official wbo
Apple`s right. The official WBO price for entry is £3 and for blader passport owners it`s free
Can someone please make a tournament in northampton which is in england there is loads of mty friends who blade
Wrong place, make your own thread for raising beyblading interest in northampton
yah i would enter in corwall even though im in london feltham