Concept: New Beyblade Format

[font="Source Sans Pro", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]If a bey bursts, you can no longer use if in battle for the whole tournament. Clicks are also called "Heals" and you only have 10 of those, meaning if you click your beys that would use up heals. So you have to use chassis and if they click you can just use another bey. Bursts are only 1 point, first to 3 or if you run out of usable beys means you lose. There's also if you run out of heals and your bey has a click, you will be out of the tournament. This forum will make chassis/Sparking back in the meta and maybe even GT beys like the Gen weight and Lord Spriggan. This This forum will also eliminate opponents faster allowing a fast tournament approach.[/font]