Combo comments

Hey guys, this is my first MFB Combo!

Wheel: Libra (S&D Reshuffle)
Track: 145
Bottom: Rubber Flat

Vid of the combo in action

This was an experiemental combo, but I turned out to like it.
It's basically meant to throw Libra's massive weight around, while addressing the problems that RF blades have with control. Then again, the control problems might just be me.

I only have the S&D reshuffle and S.Peg starter to work with. I have more blades coming sometime in the near future (meaning: I have no idea when)

not bad at all. NICE xD
hey libra with a RF is very good. i mentioned that before.. but someone need to test it s storm pegasis 105 RF.
also try giving the libra combo a D125 track or the CH120 track.
i believe libra has very good smash attack.
Thanks for your comments so far guys, but I'm still looking for more!
If someone with a more extensive collection will test this against the current dominant combo that would be great.