Check out my Beyblade Channel! WayoftheBey

Hi guys,
  I have been posting some beyblade videos on youtube under wayofthebey and would like for you all to check them out.  Let me know what you guys think about it and what else you would like to see. Thanks!
Hello everybody I just released a vid going over the new Tact Longinus, Knockout Odin, Genesis and Apocalypse. let me know what are your thoughts on the new news and what I should do next.Thanks!
Whats Up Everybody WayoftheBey Here, as most of you know New Beyblades have come out, Random Layer Vol 3, Random Booster Vol 17, And the Customization Set, and I was going to do video's Going over the new Beyblades. So if You know any facts on the new beyblades Please let me know, It would be a big Help To my Channel. Thanks!