Championship Beyblade Value?

Hey Iv been looking at rare beyblades to see if I have any of them and im wondering if there is any value to the UK 2004 Champions Beyblade that was used to win the UK tournament and also used in the New York Championship to get 2nd place?
If it is just a customization, then it is not worth anything since you can reproduce it by buying the normal Beyblades yourself, no? If the winners did something to personalise them, then it might be worth something.
hmm personalise it in what way? I was the champion and just have all my stuff in a box they gave just wondering if it had value

Heres most of my collection (The complete ones anyway) with the one I won with in more depth any rare ones or worth anything?
OP means the actual bey, the one used to win. IDK Maybe there's somebody on eBay who would love that.
That was what I had assumed, but really, some people are trying to do this on Yahoo! Japan Auctions already, trying to sell their winning Beyblade for a considerable amount, but nobody is interested at all: each part is exactly like what you could buy from the regular Beyblade releases, so there is nothing actually special about it when you can reproduce it on your own with normal Beyblade parts.
Well, in this case, since it's such an old and used Beyblade I think it's more about the novelty value than anything. But I dunno if anyone would be interested.

Cool trophy, though.