[Canada high park,Toronto, Ontario] June, 18/2011 The Candadian summer Bey-cation!

Name: The Canadian Summer Bey-cation!

Location:This will be held at High Park Depending on the weather, we will either out in the open or in the shelter.

Date: Saturday,June,18/2011

Turnout: First 30 people to sign-up will participate in the tourney and after 30 you can join free play

Time: the tournament will start at 1:30 pm, and free play will start at 12:30

format: block round robin MFB/BMF
You should try sending out a mass PM to all of the Toronto members. Just take a look at the attendees lists from some of the past tournaments.
If this is two weeks from now then I could probably come. Put me on attendees.
I think I want to go to this...
Deikalio, willing to drive 12 hours again?
Anyways, I'm a maybe, I have my graduation trip for 3 days and 2 nights on the same week, and I'm not too sure if it stretches onto Saturday.

But, I'm interested.
i will be there, same with zardflare

now i just need to find my combo before the tournament...
Im in
Possible for now. :]
I won't be making it. Those are my prep days for exam week.
i there be a vidoe of the tournemnt
can u also add my frined epik duck thanks Grin