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I haven't found any Beyblade Metal Fusion in Zellers , Wal-Mart and Toy'R'us
What is the problem ? it's normal or not ??
they should be hitting toys r us. just look harder otherwise ask. In calgary they have them so I would figure they are there already. Although calgary only had a few selection of single beyblades and acceseries and a dish.
They should be there. Just look more, or call the stores; if they still have no stock, perhaps you can ask them to see if they know which stores have Beyblades. Surely at least one shop in Montréal has them ...

Otherwise, the Bey Marketplace forum is not made to ask if it is normal that you did not find certain items somewhere. At the most, you could use the Stores with Beyblade in stock topic to ask where in Montréal the new series is available, but you cannot make a new topic about it like that.