Can beys be destroyed?

Fakes definitely can, my fake Cho-Z Valkyrie had one of its three blade's tips shatter. Made a hole in that layer.
(May. 10, 2019  1:11 AM)XSabxManiacX Wrote: Im not sure eif five pieces are possibl, to be honest. Id like some pictures, because Im interested in what that looks like. The most Ive seen personally are like, broken tips in half or small pieces chipped off

Sorry for the confusion I have been studying the box and it turns out that it was a fake that was out of the gyro brand, so yeah.Unhappy
Yes yes they can
well sort of all beys can break maybe not destroy though.
Yes. My V2 was once going up against a L2 a few years ago, and L2 hit it once, and came back around and one-shotted my V2. I picked up my layer and saw that the wing was missing. My friend found it a few meters away and I tried to repair it. Guess what? My friend's D2 was battling and the clear scythe came off. He was so sad.....