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I currently deciding the final member of top 3.
The top 3 final members in contest are Greg,Ed, and Beans.
Tomorrow I’ll reveal the final winner.

Beyblade Burst Timewarp Episode 2
Timewarp! Kratos and Chronos!
Kali and Conner wake up in a beygym
Everyone stares at them
Kali: Um.. where are we?
Kilo: Your in my beygym idiots.
Conner: Hey man chill out.
Kilo: How do you expect me to chill out!? You came through a portal!!!!!
Kali: Look we don’t know what going on either okay I wish we did but we don’t!
Kilo: Well I know this you don’t look like your from here!
Conner: Wait what year is it?
Kilo: Uh… 2023.
Kali slaps her face
Kali: We went back in time!
Kilo: Ya know what your scaring me!
Conner: So what do ya want us to do!?
Kilo: Get out!!!
Kali: Uh no.
Kilo faces get red
Kilo: I said get out!
Kali: And I said no!!
Their faces get closer
Conner: I know 2 of us vs you Kilo!
Kilo: Well I guess that can work..
Kali: Great!
2 Minutes later
Random kid: First Battle!
Kali and Conner put their beys on the launcher
Kilo holds up his bey
Kilo: This is Guardian Kerbeus!
Conner laughs
Kali: O-ok. *laughs*
Random kid: Ready set!
3…2..1.. let it rip!!!
Kratos goes for center while Chronos goes around with Kerbeus going for an attack on Chronos.
Kilo: Burst!
Chronos hits Kerbeus and Kerbeus goes in the air and then comes down.
Kilo: Uh oh…
Kali: Ok now Kratos!
Kratos flares out and avatar appears
Kali begins to show a black aurora
Kali: Whag the!?
Conner then sees Kali and powers up himself
Conner: Chronos!!
Chronos flares out and avatar appears
Conner: NOW WARP WHIP!!!!
Kali: GO TIME WHIP!!!!
Both Kratos and Chronos hit Kerbeus and Kerbeus burst
Kali and Conner: Yes!
Random Kid: Kratos and Chronos win with burst finish! With 2 points Kali and Conner are the winners!
Kali and Conner half five
Kilo: THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!!!!!!
Kali: Um…. It is fair!
Conner is looking at his bey
Conner: Wonder what other secrets the beys have.
Conner hits Chronos and Chronos ends up making a blue explosion effect
Conner: Ahhhh!
A portal appears under Conner and Conner falls in
Kali: Brother!
Kali jumps in
Kilo: Wait!
Kilo jumps in as well
Portal disappears
Next Episode
King Of Defense! Protect Kerbeus!

Huge Announcement: Timewarp will only be 5 episodes and will no longer be a full length series instead more a mini-series or special.
Rest of episode titles
3. King Of Defense! Protect Kerbeus!
4. King Of Darkness! Uranus Awakens!
5. Saviors Of Time! TimeWarp Hero!
Eruption will continue its 26 ep run also it will be on hiatus so I can finish Timewarp Episodes.
Congratulations Beans you are officially the winner of the character contest! If you participated thanks for your hard work and please don’t feel discouraged there’s always next time!k
Aww if only I wasn't late I would've entered. But anyway I 100% agree with the pick and I'm going to be reading this fan fic. I'll definitely enter the next character contest whenever that happens.
Huge Announcement: Timewarp has been canceled as it’s honestly a big mess I’ll just continue to simply focus on eruption and that story.
Beyblade Burst Eruption Episode 8
Free Returns!
It has been a few days since Valt,Vick,Clara, and Lin all took a plane to Spain
Meanwhile in bc sol
Vick is in awe at the building
Vick: This place is awesome!
Lin: Ya think!
Valt laughs
Valt: Alright calm down now! Here’s the real surprise!
Someone walks up
Clara: Is that!?
Everyone: Free Da Layhoya!?
Free: Yeah…
Valt pats Free on the shoulder
Free: Valt told me a lot about you…
Lin: Yeah we’re super strong!
Free: Prove it to me in a battle!
Lin: Okay I will!!!
We cut to a empty arena with a stadium
Free yawns
Free: Let’s get this over with.
Free holds up his bey
Free: This is Mystic Fafnir!
Lin: Interesting…
Free holds Fafnir
Lin: Bro get your launcher!
Free: Nah I’m good.
Everyone is shocked
Vick: You can’t be serious!
Clara: What is wrong with him!?
Valt just smiles
Lin: Okay then…
Ref: Ready Set!
3..2..1..let it rip!!!
Leviathan goes speeding around stadium while Fafnir is barley spinning
Lin: Let’s make this quick!
Leviathan hits Fafnir but then Fafnir speeds up
Lin: What!?
Free smiles
Leviathan goes for another attack but Fafnir speeds up faster
Lin: Uh what?
Vick: I get it!
Vick (thoughts): Thanks to the rubber on Fafnir whenever it’s hit it will absorb the attack making it go faster! Not bad!
Clara: So this is the power of Fafnir huh?
Leviathan begins to slow down meanwhile Fafnir speeding around stadium
Lin: Noo…
Free gold aurora appears
Free: Now Fafnir!
Fafnir flares out and avatar appears
Free: Now Mystic Claw!
Free does a effect where he makes a golden claw with his hand
Fafnir burst Leviathan with the hit
Lin: Ahhhhhh!
Ref: Fafnir with a burst finish! With 2 points Free is the winner!
Lin: Really?
Free walks up to Lin
Free: Next time do better.
Lin gets hurt by those words
Free smiles and walks off
Lin (thoughts): I’ll get my payback just you wait!
Vick: *Screams* Hey Free I want to battle you!
Free looks at Vick
Free: I will…
Free smiles
Next Episode
Magical!?  Mystic Fafnir!
Ratings would be highly appreciated!
(Also tell what your favorite episode of Eruption is so far and why)
Here’s upcoming episode titles for Beyblade Burst Eruption
9. Magical!? Mystic Fafnir!
10. Lin vs Free!
11. Warrior! Champion Ares! (This is the bey winner from the character contest aka beans worth bey)
Announcing Beyblade Burst Eruption Season 2!
Eruption is easily my best story so far so I’m honestly thinking of continuing the story for 2 or possibly 3 seasons.
I won’t go more into detail until season 1 ends but I have a pretty cool idea for season 2!

Beyblade Burst Eruption Products Listings (3)
Warning: Spoiler For Future Beys
B 11 Customize Set ( Winner Xcalibur)
B 12 Lock Kerbeus Booster
B 13 Sp Starter Set ( Dark Charon)
Beyblade Burst Eruption Episode 9
Magical!? Mystic Fafnir!
Free is walking down the hallway and randomly sees Vick
Vick: When are we gonna battle?
Free smiles
Free: I think it’s now a good time.
Vick smiles
We cut to empty arena
Vick holds up Vulcan
Vick: Ready to lose!?
Free just get out his launcher and stares
Vick: Uh…gonna reply?
Free continues staring
Vick: Fair enough.
Ref: First Battle Ready Set!
3..2..1.. let it rip!
Free does a slow launch
Lin: At least he actually launched it this time.
Fafnir goes straight for Vulcan
Vick: Drive dodge!
Vulcan uses driver to doge Fafnir
Vick smiles
Vick: Yes!!!
Free smirks
Vick aurora appears
Vick: Vulcan!
Vulcan flares out and avatar appears
Free: Fafnir!
Fafnir flares out and avatar appears
Free begins to start breathing heavily
Vick: Uh… you good?
Free veins pop out
Free: Ahhhh! Absorb break!
The absorb driver comes down and Fafnir goes speeding around stadium
Free: Go!
Fafnir heads straight for Vulcan
Vick: No! Get out of the way!
Fafnir hits Vulcan bursting it
Vick makes surprised face
Ref: Fafnir with a burst finish! With 2 points Free is the winner
Free: Looks like I won again… I think Valt was wrong about you guys…
Vick just picks up his bey pieces then frowns
Free walks off
Later in the day
Free is walking and runs into Valt
Free: Hey man.
Valt: Hey Free how did the battle with Vick go!
Free: I won again these bladers are weak Valt.
Valt: No they aren’t just give them time!
Free smiles
Free: Fine…
Someone walks behind Free
???: Hey!
Free and Valt turn there heads to see a pretty scary looking guy
Xero: I’m Xero and this is my bey!
Xero holds up his bey
Xero: Champion Ares!
Valt: Intriguing.
Xero: Now listen up you legend punks! I will prove to you both I’m the strongest! Ya hear me!?
Xero then walks off
Free: What was his problem?
Free and Valt see Xero from the distance getting on his motorcycle and drives off
Valt gives a serious face
Valt (thoughts): Better keep my eye on that guy…
Lin is in his room and is holding leviathan
Lin: Leviathan… we have to beat Free and Fafnir to earn his respect.
Leviathan glows
Lin smiles
Next Episode:
Lin Vs Free!
I had no clue, I won. Congrats to everyone who entered, also I'd like to say that I think Eruption has been going good so far. Nice job with everything, I'd give this fanfiction, a solid 7-8/10
Beyblade Burst Eruption Episode 10
Lin vs Free!
Free is walking down a hallway and runs into Lin
Lin: Yo! Battle Me!
Free: What’s the point..?
Lin: Battle me now!
Lin eyes starts to glow
Free smiles
Free: Okay…
We cut to the empty arena
Free gets launcher
Free: I’m warning you I won’t go easy on you!
Lin smiles
Lin: I know!
Ref: First Battle! Ready set!
3..2..1…let it rip!
Free does eruption launch
Leviathan and Fafnir spin around the stadium
Free: Go Fafnir!
Fafnir goes straight for Leviathan
Lin: Ya really think that will stop me!?
Leviathan uses driver t dodge Fafnir
Free makes shocked face
Lin: Now Leviathan!
Leviathan flares out and avatar appears
Free: Fafnir!
Fafnir flares out and avatar appears
Free: Now Mystic Claw!
Lin: Level Burst!
Leviathan and Fafnir clash in center
Meanwhile someone appears from the shadows
Xero: Grrr…
Xero runs and jumps up
Xero: Let it rip!
Ares comes down and lands on Leviathan bursting it
Lin makes shocked face
Xero lands near Lin
Xero smiles
Free: What!? Go Fafnir!
Ares and Fafnir collide and. Fafnir burst
Free makes shocked face
Xero: Pathetic…
Everyone turns around
Xero: You…
Valt: Enough of this!
Valt holds up Valkyrie
Next Episode:
Warrior! Champion Aries!
Eruption also has been moved up to 52 episodes

Beyblade Burst Eruption Episode 11 (special episode)
Warrior! Champion Ares!
Xero looks at Valt ominously
Xero: You really think you can beat me!?
Xero laughs evil
Valt just frowns
Lin: Hey I was just about to win you jerk!
Xero clenches his fist
A disappointed Free walks off and Lin quickly joins him
Ref gulps
Xero: So we’re gonna battle or what!?
Valt: Yeah…
A few minutes later
Valt (thoughts): I don’t know how I’m gonna win?
Xero: Get ready to be destroyed!
Ref: Ready set!
3..2..1..let it rip!
Valkyrie and Ares speed around stadium
Xero: Get over here!
Xero eyes start to glow
Valt: Grrr…
Ares hits Valkyrie from behind and Valkyrie begins to wobble
Valt: What!?
Xero smiles
Xero (thoughts): I have felt so much pain in my life… It’s time to bring the pain back!
Xero: Ares!
Xero red and black aurora appears
Ares flares out and avatar appears
Valt: Ahhh! Knight Valkyrie!
Valkyrie flares out and Valkyrie avatar appears
Valt begins having a blue and gold aurora
Valt: Now Knight Slash!
Xero clenches his fist
Xero: End this! Champion Slash!
Xero gives a very creepy smile then giggles
Xero: He..he…he…
Valt gets creeped out
Vick comes in arena and sees Valt and Xero battling
Vick: Oh no…
Valkyrie and Ares collide in middle of the stadium
Xero: Ahhhhhh!!!!
Valt: Gooo!
Rush driver begins to wear down
Valt: Now it’s time!
Rush driver awakens
Xero: What!?
Valkyrie knocks back Ares
Xero: You won’t win this fight: Champion Finisher!
Ares and Valkyrie collide in middle of stadium one more time
Xero: Ahhh!
Valkyrie burst Ares
Xero makes shocked face
Valt smiles
Ref: With burst finish Valt and Valkyrie are the winners!
Xero looks down then runs off
Vick: Oh man…
Next Episode:
Defeat Free!

Beyblade Burst Eruption Future Episode Titles:
12. Defeat Free!
13. Lui Arrives! Smash Longinus!
14. Xero Revenge!
15. Flames! Inferno Spriggan
Which episode are you excited for the most?

Beyblade Burst Eruption Custom Products Listings (4)
B 14 Metor Vulcan Booster
B 15 RBV 2 ( Holy Micheal)
B 16 Destructive Charon Booster
B 17 RBV 3 ( Filler)
New Reveal: Xander and Ken will both return in eruption
Beyblade Burst Eruption Episode 12
Defeat Free!
Vick is laying on his bed thinking about the battle between Valt and Xero
Vick: Hmm..
He hears a knock on the door
Vick: Come in.
It’s Free
Vick: Free… what do you want?
Free holds up Fafnir
Free: A rematch
Vick: Am I not considered weak to you…?
Free smiles
Free: After getting destroyed by Xero I feel like you have given me the best fight so far. So what do ya say?
Vick smiles
Vick: Let’s go!
We cut to Free and Vick walking in a forest
Vick is walking very slow
Vick: Are we almost there?
Free smiles
Free: Yeah…
We see a empty stadium with a deer near
Free: This place is very special to me.
Vick: Really?
Free nods
Free: It’s kind of like an escape from the real world
Vick smiles
Vick: Yeah kinda peaceful.
Free turns his head
Free: So we’re gonna battle or not?
Vick: Heck yeah!
Both bladers walk up to the stadium and get ready
Vick: So is it going to be first to 2 points or…?
Free: First to burst.
Vick: Fine by me…
3..2..1… let it rip
Free does such a hard launch he ends up doing an eruption launch
Fafnir has a bounce effect when hitting stadium and speeds around it
Vick swings hand (smear frame effect)
Vick: Go Vulcan!
Vulcan collides with Fafnir knocking Fafnir back
Free smiles
Vick: Erupt Slash!
Vulcan hits Fafnir causing Fafnir to hit the wall
Free: Mystic Rebound!
Fafnir bounces off wall and head straight for Vulcan
Vick: Drive dodge!
Vulcan uses driver to dodge Fafnir
Free: Enough.
Free begins to breathe heavily
Vick: Oh no…
Free veins pop out
Free golden aurora appears
Free: Mystic Fafnir!
Fafnir flares out and avatar appears
Vick laughs
Vick: We’re not done yet! Erupt Vulcan!
Vulcan flares out and avatar appears
Vick red aurora appears
Vulcan and Fafnir go for head on collision
Vick/Free: Gooooo!!!!!
Vulcan and Fafnir hit then both beys are bounced back
Free: Common!
Vulcan and Fafnir both have a barrage of collisions
Vick (thoughts): What a fun battle!
Vulcan then starts to glow
Vick hair begins to go crazy
Vick: Ahhhhhhhhhh!
Free makes a shocked face
Vulcan glows gold
Free: Could that be!?
Vick: One last time! Erupt Crush!
Vulcan and Fafnir collide in middle of stadium
Free: Ahh! Mystic Claw!
Both Vulcan and Fafnir burst
Vick falls to the ground exhausted and Free just smiles
Free takes his bag and walks off
Vick: Not gonna say anything!?
Vick stands up
Free: I can see why Valt sees you as a strong blader.
Free walks off leaving Vick totally confused
Vick: Don’t know what that was about but. I’ll take it as a compliment.
Vick smiles
Xero is raging in an abandoned warehouse
???: Yo!
Xero turns around and sees Valt
Valt: Bro! Chill!
Xero: Shut up!!! I can’t believe I lost to you!
Valt: It’s okay to lose just why are you acting like this!?
???: Because of me.
Valt looks up in utter shock
Valt: No way…
The figure revealed to be Ashtem.
Ashtem: Hello Valt told you I’ll be coming for you…
Valt: What did you do to Xero!?
Ashtem: He’s under my control now!
Valt makes an angry face
Valt: You won’t get away with this!
Ashtem walks back into the shadows
Ashtem: I already have.
Next Episode:
Lui Returns! Smash Longinus!
I would like a rating for this episode I honestly think this might be my favorite one so far! Stay tuned for more episodes soon!
Beyblade Burst Eruption Opening 1
Op start with Vick launching Vulcan and it transitions to Beyblade Burst Eruption logo
We then see it transition to Vulcan in air and Vick catches his bey then we see him running alongside Clara and Lin
Afterwards we see cool shots of Free in a nature area, Lui in a crystal cave, and Shu on a volcano with the Inferno Spriggan Avatar in back. We then see Vulcan avatar and Vick powering up then we see quick shots of Xero in a dark atmosphere which transitions to Valt who is in a bright blue atmosphere
Then we see the final shot with Vick holding Vulcan on a volcano.
That’s for the visual now for the lyrics
3!2!1! Let it rip!
Music picks up
Feel the power! A new era! Let it begin!
Music hits hard
Go Burst! Go Burst! Eruption!
Never Ever Give Up! Never Lose Hope!
Go Burst! Go Burst! Eruption!
Face Your Destiny!
Be the strongest!
Go Burst! Go Burst! Eruption!
Explosive Power!
Go Burst! Go Burst! Eruption!
Beyblade Burst Eruption!!!
Beyblade Burst Eruption Episode 13
Lui Arrives! Smash Longinus!
Clara is sitting in the empty arena alone thinking
Clara: Hmmm…
Someone walks inside
???: Hey there weakling!
Clara stands up and sees the figure
It’s revealed to be Lui
Lui laughs
Lui: What are you doing here all alone?
Clara: Thinking about how to get stronger.
Lui laughs again
Lui: Well I can teach you a few things!
Lui holds up his bey
Lui: Meet your nightmare! Smash Longinus!
Clara: Your challenging me!?
Lui laughs
Lui: What else would I be doing!?
Clara smiles
Clara: Fair enough let’s go!
Meanwhile at the warehouse
Xero is continuing to rage
Xero: This is so stupid you little idiot! Go sit in the corner of a room and cry knowing no one loves you for the rest of your days!!!!
Valt gives a concerned look
Valt: Calm down! It’s not that serious!
Xero takes a step towards Valt
Xero: Oh I’ll show you serious!
Xero holds up his bey
Xero: Battle me again with Aries!
Valt sighs
Valt: Fine.
Xero: Good!
Valt can only think about Ashtem return
Valt: I really hope something bad doesn’t happen…
Meanwhile at bc sol stadium
Clara looks at Corvus pieces on the ground
Lui: You’re pathetic! That’s really all you got!?
Clara begins to have blue aurora
Clara: No!
Lui smiles
Lui (thoughts): About time!
Clara puts her bey on her launcher
Clara: Let’s go!
3…2..1.. let it rip!!!
Lui and Clara both does eruption launch
Longinus goes speeding around stadium
Lui: Now Smash Tear!
Longinus knocks Corvus in air
Clara smiles
Clara: Now!
Corvus hits halfway bursting mark and land back in stadium with wings popping out
Clara: Crazy Corvus!
Corvus flares out and avatar appears
Lui: Meet Your Doom! Smash Longinus!
Longinus flares out and avatar appears
Lui smiles
Lui: Now Nightmare Smash!
Clara: Shine through! Crazy Slash!
Longinus and Corvus clash in center
Lui: End this.
Energy comes from stadium knocking Clara back
Clara: Ahhh!
Longinus burst Corvus
Lui smiles
Clara just looks at Corvus pieces on the stadium floor
Clara: I failed…
Lui: Yes you did…
Lui walks off laughing
Clara looks down
Meanwhile at warehouse…
Xero giving off a dark aurora
Xero: Ready!
Valt: Set!
3..2..1.. let it rip!
Valkyrie and Ares both go around the stadium
Xero swings his hand (smear effect)
Xero: Now Champion Slash!
Ares knocks back Valkyrie
Valt pushes hand forward
Valt: Knight Jet Shoot!
Valkyrie hits wall and rebounds hitting Ares
Xero gives a disappointed look
Xero: Really…?
Valt powers up
Valt: Valkyrie!!!
Valkyrie flares out and avatar appears
Xero begins to smile creepy and tilt his head a little
Xero: He…
Valt (thoughts): Not again!
Xero powers up screaming
Xero: Ares!
Ares flares out and avatar appears
Xero eyes turn blood red
Xero: Now! Champion Finisher!
Valt: Knight Slash!
Valkyrie and Ares clash but both beys are knocked out of the stadium
Valt/Xero: What!?
Valkyrie hits ground split second before Ares
Valt: Dangit!
Xero picks up Ares and laughs creepily
Xero: YOUR DONE. He…he.
We see a shot of Xero in a dark atmosphere with dark Ares avatar behind him.
Next Episode:
Xero Revenge!
Beyblade Burst Eruption Opening 2 because I’m feeling it!
The Op uses same visual from 1st op with Vick launching Vulcan transition to beyblade burst eruption logo ( English style)
We also see the same visual with Vick running with Lin and Clara
Then we see first new visual with Xero powering up and seeing  Ares avatar 
Then we see Vick power up and Vulcan avatar but with new visuals
Then we see Xander and Ken side by side
And we see same shot be from 1st op with Vick holding Vulcan on a volcano
The music and lyrics are completely the same tho (and will be for all openings)
Also here’s how long both op will appear
Opening 1 (Episode 1-13)
Opening 2 (Episode 14- Somewhere around ep 30)
And Valt, Free, Lui and Shu wouldn’t appear in this opening (mostly because they are not that important for this arc)
Introducing New Series…
Beyblade Burst Legacy!!!
Plot: The series takes place 10 year after the events of quadstrike and main character we follow is Ven Aoi! After learning about about how great of a blader his dad is he decides to evolve Valkyrie into Legacy Valkyrie! Starting from now a new era of beyblade begins!!!
Ven Aoi
Rolo Kiyama
Finn De Le Hoya
Laun Shirosogi
Legacy Valkyrie. Punch. Ultimate Reboot Dash
Twirl Ragnarok. Fly. Sky
Claw Fafnir. Bounce. Nothing 
Tryant Longinus. Anger. Fierce 

Legacy Core: Basically motif

Legacy Blade: Where main contact points are



New series will begin soon and run alongside eruption!
(I don’t plan on canceling this one and yes I took inspiration from Unseenburst Beyblade Burst Dynachi lol)

Beyblade Burst Legacy Episode Titles:
1. Beginning A New Legacy!
2. Power Through! Legacy Valkyrie!
3. Tornado! Twirl Ragnarok!
Beyblade Burst Legacy Products Listings (1)
B 01 Legacy Valkyrie Starter
B 02 Twirl Ragnarok Booster 
B 03 Right Launcher 
B 04 Battle Set 
B 05 Claw Fafnir Starter
B 06 Tryant Longinus Booster 
Listings will be continued soon.
Here’s the schedule for my fanfics: Eruption episode then legacy episode there you go.
Is there a character contest for Legacy just like for Eruption?
(Jan. 15, 2023  9:29 PM)The Avenger Wrote: Is there a character contest for Legacy just like for Eruption?

No there won’t be

Beyblade Burst Legacy Episode 1
Beginning A New Legacy!
We see a boy running down the sidewalk
???: I…can’t be late!
The boy  enters into a building and sees a kid there
???: Your late again Ven!
Ven: Oh give me a break Rolo this was the earliest I ever got here!
Rolo smiles
Rolo: Fine… I‘ll let this one slide.
Ven smiles
Ven: Great Now ya ready to battle!
Ven holds up his bey
Ven: Ultimate Valkyrie!
Rolo laughs
Rolo: Heck yeah!
Rolo holds up his bey
Rolo: Meet Cyclone Ragnarok!
Ven laughs
Ven: Ready when you are!
Ven puts Valkyrie on his blue and white launcher
Rolo smiles
Rolo puts Ragnarok on his white and orange launcher
Rolo: Ready!
Ven: Set!
3…2..1.. let it rip!!!
Valkyrie goes speeding around stadium meanwhile Ragnarok is taking center stage
Rolo laughs
Rolo: Common don’t tell me that’s all you got!
Valkyrie hits Ragnarok knocking it back
Rolo: Hmmm…
Ven: Yes!
Rolo: I don’t think so! Cyclone Tornado!
Ragnarok makes an big orange tornado
Valkyrie gets caught in the tornado
Valkyrie gets swung out of stadium
Ven: Not again…
Rolo: Oh yeah!
Ven takes Valkyrie and walks out of arena angrily
Rolo: Where you going!?
Ven doesn’t reply
Ven (thoughts): This is so stupid.
We cut to Ven entering his home
???: Hey kiddo!
Ven: Hi dad… or should I say the strongest blader of all time Valt Aoi… yayyyy.
Valt frowns
Valt: What’s going on with you?
Ven sighs
Ven: I lost to Rolo again..
Valt: We’ll it’s okay to lose…
Ven: I know but how can the son of the world’s best blader be so weak!
Ven starts to tear up
Valt: Hey! Don’t cry! It’s okay!
Valt then has and idea
Valt: I know! Why not evolve Valkyrie into your own bey system!
Ven: How would I do that?
Valt: I don’t know.
Ven makes pikachu face
Ven: Of course you don’t.
Valt: Hey it might make you stronger!
Ven looks at his Ultimate Valkyrie
Ven thinks
Ven: Hmmmm…
Then Ven smiles
Ven: Okay! I’m in! Let’s do this!
Next Episode:
Power Through! Legacy Valkyrie!
I would like ratings for the first episode of my new series!

Beyblade Burst Eruption Episode 14
Xero Revenge!
Xero laughs manically
Xero: Haha!
Valt takes a step back
Valt (thoughts): I have to stop him before it’s too late!
Meanwhile at bc sol
Vick is walking down a hall and sees Clara at the end of the hall sitting down with her head laying on her legs crying
Vick: Clara?
Clara: What do ya want?
Vick: What happen?
Clara: I lost to Lui that’s what happened! I’m pathetic.
Vick gets down on one knee and holds Clara shoulder 
Vick: Hey… Your not pathetic.
Clara doesn’t respond
Vick: I’ll beat Lui for you!
Clara get shocked
Clara: You don’t have to do that you know.
Vick smiles
Vick: Why wouldn’t I!? I am your friend.
Clara: Yeah…
Vick: See ya later…
Vick walks off and Clara smiles
Meanwhile back at the abandoned building
Xero: Let’s go!!!
3…2…1… Let It Rip!!!!
Xero and Valt do eruption launches
Ares and Valkyrie speed around the stadium and go for a head on collision
Valt: Go!
Valkyrie hits Ares but Ares knocks Valkyrie back
Valt frowns
Valt (thoughts): Not good!
Xero smiles creepily
Xero: Now Champion Barrage!
Ares knocks Valkyrie everywhere and gives barrage of hits
Valt: Go Valkyrie!
Valkyrie flares out and avatar appears
Xero: Ares!
Ares flares out and avatar appears
Xero: Now Champion Doom!
Valt: Knight Slash!
Valkyrie and Ares clash but Ares burst Valkyrie
Valt makes shocked face
Xero screams
Xero: Yes! I told you I know when your hiding, I know when you’re running, I know when your breathing, I know when your screaming he…he.
Valt gets extremely creeped out
Valt: What has Ashtem done to you!?
Xero screams
Xero: I’m invincible!
???: No you’re not!
Valt turns around and sees a familiar friend
Valt: I can’t believe it!
The figure revealed to be Shu
Shu: Don’t worry Valt I’ll handle this.
Valt nods
Shu holds up his eruption bey
Shu: Meet Inferno Spriggan!
Xero just stares then laughs
Xero points at Shu
Xero: You’re done.
Shu: We’ll see about that!
Next Episode:
Flames! Inferno Spriggan!

Beyblade Burst Legacy Opening 1:
Music starts
3!2!1! Let It Rip!
A New Era Begins!
A New Adventure Awaits!
The Clock Keeps Ticking!
Time Keeps Moving!
Now Begin Your Legacy!
Music hits hard
Never Ever Stop Pushing!
Never Ever Stop Battling!
Never Ever Think Of Giving Up!
Because Your Journey Begins!
Never Ever Stop Training!
Never Ever Stop Working!
Never Ever Lose Hope
Because It Time For…
Beyblade Burst Legacy!
Opening will start by showing Beyblade Burst Legacy logo
Then will see Valt running and it will transition to Ven
Afterwards we will see Rolo, Finn, and Luan all standing on gigantic version of their beys
We then see Vick launching Valkyrie into the sky and Valkyrie turns into a star and we see Vick flying in the air then catching the star
We then see a dark atmosphere with fire everywhere and someone far in the distance but before he can turns around and reveal himself we see final shot with Ven holding Legacy Valkyrie and opening ends.

Announcing 3rd and final new series (for awhile)…
Beyblade Burst DarkBurst!
Plot: After his parents death Barry Lance is gonna do whatever it takes to be the strongest blader and with his partner Dark Beelzebub he and Beelzebub will seemingly destroy everything!?
Barry Lance
Walter Cage
Rolin Page
Dark Beelzebub. Over. Vicious. Armor 1
Fear Wolf. Giga. Wave. Armor 2
Perfect Raphael. Nexus. Xtend Plus Dash. Armor 3
Here’s the bey system:

Dark Layer: This is the main layer with big contact points


Dark Driver: This is pretty self explanatory

Dark Armor: It basically quad strike but better

This will be my 3rd fanfic and it will run alongside both eruption and legacy this will also be my last new series until all eruption, legacy, and this series ends.

Stay tuned for first episode soon but until then…

Let It Rip!!!

Beyblade Burst Dark Burst Opening 1:
Let’s Go!!!
Music Picks Up
Let the darkness be unleashed on to you!
Let the darkness consume you!
Let the darkness destroy you!
Music hits hard
I will never stop climbing to new heights!
I will be the strongest and that’s a fact!!!!!
I will always defeat my enemies!
I’m not your hero I’m your demise!
Beyblade Burst Dark Burst!!!
It’s starts with Barry on a mountain in a dark purple atmosphere
Then it transitions to Beyblade Burst Dark Burst logo
Afterwards we see Barry launch his bey Beelzebub and we see Beelzebub breaking beys
Afterwards we see Barry powering up
Then we see Beelzebub avatar
Then we see Walter and Rolin standing on a mountain in the same dark atmosphere
Then we finally see Barry begin to show a blood red aurora
And opening ends with us seeing Barry launch Beelzebub
1st episode will premiere soon!

Beyblade Burst DarkBurst Episode 1:
Dark Burst! Dark Beelzebub!
We see a kid sitting on a chair holding a bey
???: Finally…
We then see the kid grow a black aurora
The kid smiles evilly
???: Let’s make some havoc!
Then the kid’s grandpa comes
Barry Grandpa: Are you okay Barry!
Barry: Yeah…
We cut to two kids battling each other
Then Barry comes
Barry: Hey!
The two kids turn around and see him
Random kid 1: Um.. hi.
Barry gives an angry look
Barry holds up his bey
Barry smiles
Barry: Meet Dark Beelzebub!
Random kid 2: Why does that look like a new Bey system?
Barry: Because it is idiot! The Dark system!
Random kid 1: Dark system?
Barry: What’s your guys names?
Rolin: My name is Rolin!
Walter: And I’m Walter!
Barry: I’ll battle you both!
Rolin: We’re warning you we won’t go easy on you!
Barry smiles evil
Barry: I know…
Barry puts his bey on his launcher and Rolin and Walter do same
Walter: Ready Set!
Everyone: 3..2..1.. let it rip!
Beelzebub goes speeding around stadium
Barry: Go.
Beelzebub hits Roar Bahamut knocking into the wall
Barry: Crush it!
Barry does animation where he takes his fist and pushes it forward
Beelzebub crushes Bahamut to the wall
Walter makes shocked face
Rolin: Don’t worry I’m coming bro!
Guilty Longinus comes charging in and hits Beelzebub and clashes with it
Barry begins to show black aurora
Barry: This is it! Dark Beelzebub!
Beelzebub flares out and avatar appears
Barry: Now Kill It! Dark Crush!
Bahamut begins to crack then shatters
Walter: Ahhhh!!!!
Rolin: No Dude!
Barry laughs evil
Barry: This is fun ay?
Rolin makes a angry face
Rolin: Oh you’ll pay go Longinus!
Barry smirks
Beelzebub and Longinus make collision in middle of stadium
Rolin: Common!
Longinus cracks then breaks
Rolin: Nooooo!!!!!!
Rolin goes on his knees
Walter: How could you!?
Barry: Your not only pathetic but your a disgrace to beyblade.
Rolin makes shocked face
Barry: You should quit while you’re at it!
Barry smiles evil and black aurora appears
Walter: Grrrr… why you little….?
Barry laughs and walks off
Rolin: What’s his problem?
Next Episode:
Slash! Fear Wolf!
Please tell me your thoughts on first episode of DarkBurst this was honestly a lot of fun to write and it felt different than writing eruption and legacy (geez today was a crazy day for my fanfics wasn’t it lol literally had first episode of legacy episode 14 of eruption and 1st episode of DarkBurst wow lol)
Schedule for new episodes each week:
Tuesday: Eruption
Thursday: Legacy
Saturday: DarkBurst
Please keep in mind that this is subject to change.
Beyblade Burst Eruption Episode 15:
Shu stares and Xero
Xero stares at Shu
Xero puts his bey on his launcher
Xero smiles evil
Shu just frowns
Valt: Ready set!
3..2..1.. Let It Rip!
Ares speeds around stadium and charges Spriggan
Valt (thoughts): Seems like Shu went for right spin defense!
Shu smiles
Shu: Inferno Defense!
Spriggan deflects Ares attack
Xero gets frustrated
Xero: Now Champion Finisher!
Ares hits Spriggan knocking it out of stadium
Shu makes shocked face
Valt looks down
Valt: Champion Ares with a ring out finish! One point to Xero!
Xero laughs manically
Xero: I told you I would win!!!! Haha!
Shu takes Spriggan and starts messing with it.
Valt: What are you doing?
Shu changes Spriggan to left spin and puts driver on attack mode
Valt makes a shocked face then smiles
Valt (thoughts): Now your getting serious…
Shu puts his bey on launcher
Shu: Let’s go!
Valt: Ready Set!
3…2…1… Let It Rip!!!
Spriggan spins in opposite direction of Ares
Xero: Ahhh! Attack It!
Ares hits Spriggan but Spriggan pushes it back
Xero: What!?
Spriggan keeps pushing Ares back
Shu red aurora appears
Shu: This Is It! Spriggan!
Spriggan flares out and avatar appears
Xero: We’re not done yet! Champion Ares!
Xero dark aurora appears
Ares flares out and avatar appears
Xero: Now! Champion Slash!
Shu: Inferno Slash!
Spriggan clicks two times
Shu: Now!
Spriggan hits it burst stopper point
Xero: No!
Ares clicks 4 times then burst
Ares pieces fly in Xero face
Xero: Ahhhhh!
Valt: Inferno Spriggan with a burst finish! With 2 points Shu is the winner!
Xero: No…
Shu: Now you have to stop this nonsense Xero…
Xero: I’m sorry I just lost so much in my life and wanted to be something greater…
Shu smiles
Shu: It’s okay… this is just not the path to go on.
Xero: I know that now and by the way…
Valt: What?
Ali: My real name is Ali.
Valt, Shu, and Ali smile meanwhile in shadows someone is watching
Ashtem: That idiot left me! Grrrr… I guess I’ll have to find someone new to complete project C!
Meanwhile at bc sol…
Vick runs around the building to try and find Lui
Vick: Lui Come out!
Lui pops out of nowhere
Lui: Hello…
Lui laughs
Next Episode:
Vick Vs Lui!
Beyblade Burst Eruption Episode Titles:
16. Vick Vs Lui
After Clara lost Vick challenges Lui to a battle to avenge Clara!
Meanwhile Valt learns more about Aki…
17. Spark! The Eruption Glow!
18. Xander Returns!
19. Mighty Sword! Winner Xcalibur!

Beyblade Burst Legacy Episode Titles:
2. Power Through! Legacy Valkyrie!
3. Tornado! Twirl Ragnarok!
4. Friendly Fire! Valkyrie Vs Ragnarok!

Beyblade Burst DarkBurst Episode Titles:
2. Slash! Fear Wolf!
3. Destructive Power! Dark Blow!
4. Raphael Glorious Shine!
There will be a big announcement for DarkBurst tomorrow
Announcing Beyblade Burst DarkBurst Character Contest!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Dark Layer



Driver Armor

This contest begins today and ends next Monday so make sure you do a amazing job!!!

Good Luck Bladers!
(Jan. 18, 2023  11:16 PM)Bey100 Wrote: Announcing Beyblade Burst DarkBurst Character Contest!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Dark Layer



Driver Armor

This contest begins today and ends next Monday so make sure you do a amazing job!!!

Good Luck Bladers!

Name: Sebastian Ubben

Birthday: July 23

Height: 5 '9"

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black but when his purple aura appears his right eye will glow red while his left eye will glow purple.

Personality: Sebastian is a pretty cold person as he likes to work on his own to complete his goal of being the strongest blader. Which causes him to do things like push people away that are close to him. This all started due to the death of his parents in a horrible accident which caused him to fear making attachments with people as if he loses them he would experience that same feeling that came with his parent's deaths. Due to his parents deaths he lived in a apartment all by himself which caused him to have to learn and adapt quickly which helped increase his intelligence which he uses in his battles to out strategize his opponent. Later he would find out about beyblade and find he had a passion and talent for blading and decided to focus on becoming the strongest blader to honor the lives of his parents. Though due to his talent he gained a ego where he would only actually take bladers he find strong seriously which causes him to make mistakes in those battles which he would never normally do against someone he considered strong. He also has a tendency of being rude and angry if someone on his team is weak as he feels that person is holding him back from getting to the top which eventually leads to him leaving the team or kicking the member off the team which isolates him even more from people.

Appearance: Sebastian has black hair that is kinda short with the longest part of the hair being the hair that covers the sides of his face besides his ears which still stick out which the max it goes to being where his chin is. He also has three pieces of hair which is shaped like triangles which covers his forehead with the longest strain in the middle going down to in between his two eyes. The back of his hair through is spiked and sticks out with the spikes being shaped like right triangles and the spikes being located at the end of the top of his head where they stick upward and the sides of his head where they stick outward. Sebastian's casual outfit consists of a white button up t-shirt which he has the button on the top unbotton and the shirt's collar sticking up, a necklace made of rope which has three shark teeth tied to the rope, blue jeans which has a black hoodie tied at the waste, and black flip flops. His blading outfit though consists of a grey zipped up t-shirt, black sweat bands at the wrists, black pants with blue shorts over the pants with a purple rope tied around the waste, and black boots.

Layer: Hero Susanoo is a purple left spinning layer with 4 attacks points as it contains two large metal attack points on the top left and bottom right of the layer that are shaped like swords and two other attack points on the opposite of the ring which are smaller and made out of plastic, similarly to the Zwei layer base. The center of the layer though is black with the avatar being a man with a black beard and long black hair holding a silver sword and dressed in purple armor and having red eyes.

Disc: A purple Around.

Driver: Deviant' is a purple driver that is basically the Darkburst version of Destroy'.

Armor: Trope is a silver armor which has the weight distributed equally between the two sides of the armor with three main points on each side of the armor similarly to Goku from GT.

Special Moves:
Hero Slam: Hero Susanoo speeds up with the stadium slopes and crashes against the opponent using the metal on its layer to cause serious damage.
Beyblade Burst Legacy Episode 2:
Ven enter beyblade building
Ven: Hey Rolo!
Rolo: What’s up!? Why did you leave like that yesterday man!
Ven: Eh… don’t worry about that just watch this!
Ven hold up his bey
Ven: Meet My Boy! Legacy Valkyrie!
Rolo makes shocked face
Rolo: Hold up… did you make your own beyblade system?
Ven: Yes Sir! This is the Legacy system which includes the Legacy Core, blade, disk and obviously driver!
Rolo smiles
Rolo: Nice man! So you up to battle?
Ven: Of course!
A few minutes later
Rolo: Let’s inspect each other’s beys!
Ven: Sure!
Ven holds Cyclone Ragnarok and smiles
Rolo holds Legacy Valkyrie and looks intensely
Rolo (thoughts): Legacy Valkyrie huh? Seems like a right spin attack type also seems like it takes design attributes from the very first Valkyrie huh pretty cool!
They give each back their beys
Ven puts his bey on his launcher Rolo does same
Ven: Ready!?
Rolo: Set!
3…2..1.. Let It Rip!!!
Valkyrie spins around stadium at incredible speeds
Ven: Nice Valkyrie!
Ragnarok takes center
Ven: Go!
Valkyrie charges Ragnarok
Rolo: Uh oh.
Valkyrie gives a barrage of attacks to Ragnarok
Ven blue aurora appears
Ven: What is this!?
Valkyrie glows then talks
Valkyrie: Ven let’s do this together!
Ven makes shocked face then smiles
Ven: So this is what Valt feels during battle huh?
Ven powers up
Ven: A New Legacy Has Begun! Valkyrie!
Valkyrie flares out and avatar appears
Ven: Now Legacy Slash!
Ven does slash effect with hand
Valkyrie hits Ragnarok bursting it
Rolo: What!?
Ven smiles
Ven: This Is Where Our Journey Starts! He!
Rolo just stares out Valkyrie
Rolo: Amazing…
Next Episode:
Tornado! Twirl Ragnarok!

Alright so I know I’ll get a lot of complaints for this but…
I have decided to cancel Legacy and DarkBurst
And before some of you get annoyed I have a legit reason for doing this: I feel like I have been missing out on my normal life because I to worried about my fanfics. I also don’t even really have a true plan in place for legacy or DarkBurst so I just keep taking things out without knowing what to do with them.
I know I keep canceling things but if I don’t truly believe in it then I cancel it. Also I feel like I should take things slow and focus on one series at a time as it is much easier to manage. Of course Beyblade Burst Eruption will continue and will be my main and only fanfic till it ends (I promise I won’t cancel eruption). So I hope you understand me Beyblade Burst Eruption will continue to have new episodes. Rip Legacy and DarkBurst… (pls don’t hate me lol)
Anyways I’ll see ya later! Also The Avenger I will use your character in eruption and sort of take your bey and put it in eruption system since you worked hard!