[Buying]  searching for these beys...

hey bladers,i cant get these specific beys because they come with thier games and i dont have the money to by the games individually. the beyblades are....

Counter Leone and cyber pegasus (red)

so if you are willing to sell yours, please comment.( i wont buy anything over the price of 16$ and ill see about shipping)thanks
Counter Leone and the Red Cyber Pegasus are Video Game collector's edition beyblades. They're also Hasbro Legend Beyblades, that you can get for $8 with a lot of searching all of your nearby Blade dealers. Don't expect to get these beyblades for your asking price unless you're trading something good.

If you ask me, this is what you do:

1: Buy one of the Collector's Edition Beyblade games, DS or Wii.
2: Take the beyblade from it.
3: Trade in the opened game.
4: Buy the other one.
5: Take the beyblade from it.
6: Trade in the opened game.
7: Buy a game with your store credit.
8: Enjoy your beyblades and game.