[Buying]  im looking for these beys

hey guys im looking to buy these beys and accesories
hell kerbecs
storm capricorn(sono king)
dark capricorn
black or red beylauncher
hyper aquario
counter leone legend
TT launcher light launcher any color
angle compass
launcher grip
metal assist
led scope
grip extension (idk the name of it)
PM me if someone is willing to sell me any of these items thanks
P.S. i also want the pieces to make the most beatiful pegasis (clear one) meantned in beyblade randon thoughts
please nobody else send me a PM saying youll sell capricorn or a grip i got like five people alread tring to sell one to me thanks
Do u want a TT light Launcher or beylauncher? Cuz i have a TT light Launcher, Light Launcher 2, and beylauncher
light launcher i fixed it
added some more things to the list just PM me if you have any of it