[Buying]  ebay shop for beypointer

hey every one
im looking for the schepest price i can get on a beypointer and BB01 pegasus stater kit
pleas it must be able to come to france
if you are selling one pleas give me the link
thanks a lot to all of you

ps: if you have any point codes i would like them to PM me
How about you look on ebay instead like everyone else does...
In any case you need to add a proper prefix in the topic title.
well i'm bying one as soon as posible
and i have looked on ebay but i'm wondering if you gys could not perhaps give me a littet reduction for i'm a bit out of cash at the moment
Try dimsum2u or akirasdaddy may be able to get u BB-01
If you want beypointer alone... I can sell you one from the dx set for $20 shipped.

And if you want BB-01 with beypointer...you should try dimsum2u Smile
um... buy it off of ebay or maybe some other site that sells things dirt cheap