[Buying]  Plastic beys wanted!! (NO PAYPAL)

I am very interested in buying plastic beyblades from the original beyblade series...
i am especially interested in dranzers and drigers... pm me with offers if u are selling.. thank you...
If you have a beyblade lot for sale im willing to buy for about 2000 - 2500 ruppees including shipping..
the beyblades im interested in are..
Driger V
Dranzer g
Dranzer s
WOlborg 4
other beyblades from plastic generation..
i would like it if the lot would consist of atleast one driger and dranzer + other beys.. thank you

But please note that i will not be able to pay through paypal.. but maybe through money transfer or check or dd.. thank you
(Feb. 01, 2014  2:17 PM)stoney2208 Wrote: Check this:

He wants it in India.