[Buying]  Plastic + MFB Beyblades

I'm looking for this Items.

I also prefer to buy from TRUSTED members of WBO. If your new, please take a picture of your item with your WBO username. I prefer buying from people that live in Asia, as their shipping costs is slightly cheaper than those coming from the other side of the world.

Metal Wheels:

Gravity Perseus

Beyblade Parts: (Offering 2 - 5 USD)

Beyblade stuff:
Metal Assist


Post here if you have any of these. I will PM you to try to negotiate on the price.
Do anyone have a beypointer that the want to sell?
Is that website trusted? If it is, thanks.
your only allow to bump after 48 hours.
(Jan. 21, 2011  4:51 PM)Azlanslayer Wrote: Is that website trusted? If it is, thanks.

no guarantee...but i purchased one nib dragoon v2...last 2 weeks..and it reached me today..in good conditon..new in box...
Bump, updated my wants. Also the stuff that i prefer buying from. Hope i can buy from you soon! I'm not a cheapskate, just that the things that you people sell are cheaper over my country. If $7 USD for a beylauncher (that doesn't include shipping), i can get a NIP for that price at my local store. So please be reasonable with your prices. Thanks.
Most of your offers for parts are pretty low considering each of them are top tier. And that they're the best parts of the blades that they come in.
I really wasn't saying that all it's just your offers are pretty low.
If you want Q and M145 wouldn't it make sense just to get Storm Capricorne?
I have capricorne Clear Wheel x3 and Storm x3.. So i just want M145Q for fun. As its fun watching it jump =D

This is off-topic.. Ultrablader can you stop posting like that please? Thanks.
NIB TT Dranzer S and Used Hasbro Phantom Force Ver.
PM me.