[Buying]  Looking to buy metal series Beyblades

Looking to collect Beyblades again and their are a few that I am looking for from the metal series. Does anyone know where I can purchase these and get them shipped to Canada for a reasonable price? Thankyou. 

- Basalt Horogium/Twisted Tempo 
- Dark Gasher 
- Flame Sagittario 
- Flame Libra 
- Grand Cetus 
- Dark Bull 
- Storm Capricorn 
- Fang Leone 
- Meteo L-Drago 
- L-Drago Destructor 
- Big Bang Pegasus
I am selling a bunch of Beyblades here: https://www.ebay.com/sch/m12390/m.html?_...ipg=&_from=

I am U.S.-based, and I can ship to Canada, but I am not sure how much it would cost.
Have meteo l drago, basalt horogium selling for usd 8 each and grand ketos selling for USD10!
Pm if interested!