[Buying]  Lighting L'drago

I've searched a lot and would like to ask did hasbro release Lightning L'drago 100HF in the UK? I will Pm any offers to people who are selling it.
You could easily check the "Stores with beyblades in Stock" thread for this answer you know. Or even just google it.
I have a takara lightning l- drago I'm selling for $22 + shipping w/ string launcher and I live in the U.S
Thanks I have found out that Hasbro made a Super vortex battle set which comes with storm pagasis and Lighting L'drago but just in different colours to normal.
Thanks for the offer but I will probably end up getting the Super vortex battle set as I would get Storm Pegasis and Lighting L'drago and would be able to make a really good attack type Beyblade.
Hasbro have only realsed the beys from be4 battle bladers excluiding ldrago and libra so thee only way 2 get it is 2 get the vortex set or buy it online
I have a Lightning L-Drago 100HF in stock. It's basically opened from pack and still in mint condition. I have the instruction manual and stickers still. Please send me a Private Message on your offer/deal.


3...2...1 LET IT RIP!
This is from November so he probably wont see these or need one.