[Buying]  HMS and MFB parts

Hello! I am badly looking for these parts. If anyone has any of the following and wants to sell it, PLEASE POST!!!!
Here's a list of what I want :
  • Grip Flat Core from Dragoon MS(Nice condition only; please have pictures ready)
  • Metal Flat Core from Advance Striker/ Advance Attacker
  • R2F(brand new)
  • RF(brand new)
  • 85 track x 2
  • Lightning wheel(both metal wheel and fusion wheel, brand new)
Remember : Please post if you want to sell.
I have a lightning + L-Drago parts. I can sell the entire bey or just parts.
I can sell a R2F(brand new) and a RF(brand new). Also I can sell a lightning wheel from brand new from the takara tomy box
pm TheLoneWolf.Kai if you are interested.
how about a red lightning wheel for $10 (SCRATCHED)
@ TheLoneWolf.Kai >>>

Why do you want to buy Lightning L-Drago without track & bottom online , it will at least cost you $10 with shipping , so better buy a Hasbro [ Funskool ] Lightning L-Drago 100 HF , From Hypercity [ Thane ] , i saw many of LLD 100 HF in Hypercity Malad , so i know you can find them in thane also Smile

Oh yeah & the price will be like $7-8 max
yup u will get em cheap!!unless u want takara.
(Feb. 18, 2011  8:54 AM)abhicherath Wrote: yup u will get em cheap!!unless u want takara.

He only needs the lightning wheel + l-drago CW & , Takara one is the same as Hasbro one & as he did not mention that He wants it NIB , Then that leaves out the part that he is looking for a Beylauncher L

So TheLoneWolf.Kai if you are not looking for the Beylauncher-L then i suggest you please buy the Hasbro version in our city or thane

I Repeat Hasbro & Takara have no other significant differences other than Takara version coming with a beylauncher-L
Thanks a lot, NitreoNeo