[Buying]  Dranzer V2 stickers

Hi everyone, Here's what I'm looking for:

Dranzer GT, Dragoon GT, Dragoon V2, Driger V2, Driger S.

Preferably Mint or NIB.

I'll offer a price.

Thank You! Smile
Did you not see the Buying forum ... ?
Sorry... I swear I pressed buying, oh well. My mistake, sorry Kai-V.
I have a MINT Takara Galeon for sale, check out my sales thread for pictures. Other beys I've got coming will be a NIB Driger S and a MINT Draciel S (metallic black version from Random Booster Volume 5).
I have PLENTY of Ripcords and launchers... Looking to sell 2 Tongue_out
Beyfan: hmm, Galeon and Draciel S is tempting me. But I think I'll buy the Galeon, don't put me on hold though. How much is shipping?
Depends on the shipping you want. If you want secure shipping (with a registration number) it'd be $20AUD and it is the shipping type I prefer. Takes about 5-7 working days to arrive (according to the Australia Post website). I can say I sent a bey to the Netherlands and it arrived in 6 days, sent one to the US and it took about 8 days.

Also, I forgot to mention, I might have the NIB Driger S and the MINT Draciel S (black) next week. I also have a NIB Hasbro Galeon, but that one would be more expensive then my MINT Takara Galeon.
How much is shipping without registration number? And with the registration #, is it 20 AUD shipping, or the total is 20 with shipping and the actual bey? But I prefer to have without registration number since I don't have much money on me right now. Tongue_out My offer for now for Galeon is 15AUD?
(Mar. 04, 2011  3:35 AM)Nuelyt Wrote: Hello everybody, I edited my thread.

I know longer need weight disks I just want Beys.

Really Want: Galeon, Draciel S, Dragoon S (white), Gaia Dragoon V, Driger V2, Driger V, Wolborg 1 and 2, Galman, Dragoon GT.

TT Hongli I accept too, but I am not offering very high.


check out my thread, there may be a couple things you like :-)
I've got a wolborg for sale. PM me for details.