[Buying]  Black dranzer

Hi all as the title suggests I'm after a black dranzer f blade.
I understand this will probably be a long shot but anything is worth a go. Just for reference I've seen the brand new but stickerless one on ebay aswell as the ones ia australia but none of them suit my needs.
Thanks for any help in advance.
(Jan. 18, 2017  9:54 PM)Zeus23 Wrote: There's one on eBay now for cheap.

I think you should link him or PM him so he'll get the notification
I sold loads in the past, I will be getting a spare one soon... Will be definitely selling it.
I got the hasbro one with no stickers which I'm not currently selling but if I ever do will let u know. It's in pristine condition pretty much, never used it. But if u are looking for an nib one i doubt u would find one.