[Buying]  Beyblade Ultimate Reshuffle set L-Drago ver. $51 and under if possible

I am willing to pay $40 to $51 for this set. (that includes shipping) If you can, post here or better yet PM me. I,ll be ready to pay by hopefuly 3 days or more. And if you can, have it at my home by at least 4 to 14 days so it`s here before christmas in my area.
No one will sell you the reshuffle set for $51. That's like the price for it in Japan.
The Actual price of the reshuffle is 41.72 USD in Japan
and CDJapan was selling a reshuffle for 55 USD
Yes, but those are the prices before shipping is added.

You're going to have a hard time finding someone/someplace willing to part with one for that amount.
Even if you add shipping it would olny be 17 USD Shipping for the two reshufles BB-97 AND BB-98 ECONAMY SHIP.
Saying this it would minalmaly cost you about 65-70 dollars buy even if I like Akirasddedy he is trusted for 75 USD
Akirasdaddy has the cheapest ones right now i think and its free shipping , its 75$ though , even though its free shipping his orders come really fast