[Buying]  [BUYING] TT/sonokong facebolt. Unicorno. orginal

I was looking to buy a Ray unicorno facebolt. orginal from BB-93, starter from sonokong, or BB-71. Only that. a Tattoed one. Maybe a sticker one but has too look excactly to very close alike. This will set my collection straight. Preferably US and i was hoping to spend $5 and thats with shipping. The colors have to work so it has to be purplish. None from a Random Booster or anything

I could help you out here. PM me.
Could u possibly send me some pics?
$1 for ones with stickers in purple color
3$ for ones with tatoo
Bump. ChupaChups didn't reply to PM's in days Unhappy
I have One with tattoo. Pm me if yore interested.