"Build me a combo!"

Storm Grip Base's tip wears down rather quickly and becomes slow.
Bey Brad Wrote:Storm Grip Base's tip wears down rather quickly and becomes slow.

I think some of the earlier hasbro versions had lame tips as well.
I think some of the Phantom Force Dragoon Storms had faulty tips.
I'm pretty sure the tips on the PF Dragoon S's were better than the originals. They had harder rubber supposedly.
Kei Wrote:I'm pretty sure the tips on the PF Dragoon S's were better than the originals. They had harder rubber supposedly.

This would make it move slower, not faster.
I have a PF Dragoon S and it was never very fast compared to other attack bases, although it has that nice flower like movement pattern. The tip also wears out really quickly. I have no idea about the original Dragoon S.

Do you have Grip Attacker narushi? I have no experience with it, but I've heard it moves real fast and is great for smash attackers.
Grip attacker? No, I dont have it. Is it one of the first gen beyblades?
Yes grip attacker was one of the earliest dragoons and the first with a rubber grip base
I have two, I think. They are absurdly fast.
I would love to have one but they cant be found anywhere and not even at reasonable prices. I would like to make some good upper attack and endurance blades. here are the parts and blades i have RIGHT NOW:

Gaia Dragoon V
Galzzly (Takara BBA recolor in blue)( dont have the second ring)
Draciel S
Dragoon V2
Dranzer V2( only stays in attack mode)
Zeus AR (without co-ring)
Driger G AR
Dranzer V base
Trypio base
Galzzly Base ( in red)
Metal Draciel AR

I think i have a dranzer s somewhere and possible a wolborg..as for hms blades, i only currently own 1 considering how everytime i got a shitload of blades, the whole collection would get stolen and this happened 3-4 times so this is whats left until i get more this weekend
For upper, use GDV BB and Driger G AR. For survival, do something with Draciel S BB and Galeon AR. You really need some more Beyblades though.
Yeah i noticed i did when my collection went from 455 to lower than 20...i need to find some good ones though and ebay has carp and YJA rarely has what im looking for..any suggestions?
For Upper I'd go with this;

AR- Triple Tiger(Driger V2)
WD- MG(save your 10 wide for the other one)
SG- Neo Right w/MW
BB- SG Metal Flat 2(Gaia Dragoon V)

For Endurance;

AR/SR- Galleon
WD- Ten Wide
SG- Wolborg(in opposite direction as your opponent if you have both casings)
SP- Cross Survuvor(Dranzer V2)
BB- Customize Grip(Dragoon V2)
Didn't notice he said he might have a Wolborg. Michael's combos are the best you will do. What happened to your collection?
This is what happened, i always put my stuff in a bag and a lot inside of a box..so the parts and blades i always used were in bags...in my area, a lot of ppl blade and i am the best there so of course i would have had the best parts as well..well some kids decided to steal from me and in a matter of 2 days, i was reduced to what i have now...no one knew how to use my blades so they did who knows what with them and i never saw them again..i usually even gave out parts to new players and even old ones who had worn parts and i even fixed their blades and made new ones..even spent my own money to get them some and hosted tourneys to battle for more..but my niceness and generousity had its downsides but it didnt stop me from bladin and still giving out parts occasionally
That sucks. Unhappy At a tournament someone stole 30 imported HMS from me. I almost quit Blading that day.

Of course, the fire of Beybattle is not doused so easily!
No the fire never died out for me, even after me bein teased, stolen from, even told that i would became useless and die early from blading and not doing stuff like stealing cars or somethin, im still here...and its been 8 years and counting so im not going anywhere no time soon
At local tounaments I use to only bring 3 blades with me so nothing ever got stolen from me, and Im glad you got the beyblading spirit. Joyful_3
I was a Beyblade instructor, not just competitor. How cruel to steal from your teacher. Unhappy
yea stealing is really bad when it comes to me bcuz i tend to get very violent but see i kept my calm and continued to blade and teach others..i enjoy doing what i do to help others and i think if i never started blading, i would be in a lot of trouble bcuz it helped me stay on the positive side of life instead of doing things tht would get me in loads of trouble
well i have like 200 HMS now so i'm pretty much over it, haha Grin
i need to find some more..all the stores around here are out of them..and ebay sucks...maybe YJA...i dont wanna resort to toywiz though
Use YJ. It's the cheapest and the best.
what about their shipping?...is it faster?..and how does the money get converted from american to theirs?