Build me a combo with the beys i have (plz)

Storm Pegasis 105 RF

Storm Aquario 100 HF/S

Gravity Destroyer GB145 S

Poison Virgo 145 ES

Flame Libra T125 ES

Flame Byxis 230 WD

Meteo L Drago LW105 LF

Lightning L Drago 105 HF

Evil Pices ED145 WD

Hell Kerbecs BD145 DS

Poison Giraffe S130 MB

Rock Aires ED145 B

Rock Scorpio T125 JB

Ray Unicorno D125 CS

Screw Capricorn 100 MF

Grand Cetus WD145 RS

Grand Cetus T125 RS

Cosmic Pegasis W105 R2F

I wasn't playing MFB for a long time so i need some help.

ps:Is Gravity Destroyer BD145 MF a good combo?


Please use this thread to ask for combo suggestions and advice instead of making a new thread for it, thank you.