Blader Passport Price Increase

I think that the extra 5$ for a passport is well worth it, honestly I feel like 20$ would be a fair price. I hope that this increase helps the WBO get more of the funds that it needs to make great things happen.
Very happy to see this happening, although I personally would have preferred to see it go up to $20 USD. On another note, possibly encouragement for hosting is perhaps that active hosts keep their passports at $10. As I've hosted a number of events, I recognize all the effort that goes into running a successful one and highly recognize that it goes largely unappreciated. This would be a small tip of the hat to recognize all the extra work that goes into hosting (or perhaps up the credits to 5 or so for hosting...)
Bey Brad
Pretty cool idea. Will think about that.

For those of you who think it should be 20 USD – we welcome your donations. Smile
hah! yeah great donation hah anyway for entry fee its 6$CAD or is up a little?!
Bey Brad
General admission is unchanged across all communities, so in Canada the fee remains $6 CAD.
6$ cad that's what I have charged last time. that's what Kai-V said to us last time so its good thx!
I've always thought the current price was low considering if you attend every month it saves a ridiculous amount of money (not a bad thing obviously) but it means less money for the WBO.
Bey Brad
Yeah, but having people subscribe yearly is a dedicated income for us and lets us plan our activities much more effectively. Smile We definitely want people to use their Passports as much as they can!