BlackOutTornado Signiture and avatar shop

Good luck with your shop, and I am glad that you like my works, hah ... But you should have asked me before using it though, or at least credited me. Thank you.
Those are not even your photos, we need to know some of your own works ... All you did was resize them, and claim it as your own.
BlackOutTornado, create examples of your works, put them in the op of the thread, or I am closing this.
Then your thread will be locked until then. Contact me via PM when you finish.
Your samples contained fanarts, and so I removed them. Don't use fanarts in your works before asking for permissions to use them. You were warned for using fanart without permission once by Kai-V. Don't make the same mistake again.

You can edit your thread again and add good samples that doesn't contain any work that requires a permission from the artist.