Black Heart Bladers [USA]

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Black Heart Bladers is a team unlike any other Beyblade team, it is not some online no-meeting team.
We have meet-ups if we can, which will mostly be based through Internet Meetings.

I will only take in Members for the team. These Members will consist of:

Technique Launching
Maximum Performance Usage
Overall Skill

It isn't easy to get it, there is no "Hey, I'm good and I wanna join" usage. The picking will happen through the User who is wanting to join, to post here. They will have to fill out a certain .doc soon.

For now, you will have to just describe your skills, and weakness. Here is what we want you to include in your application paragraph: [NOTE: This is not a form, you will Paragraph it]

MFB Usage [How long have you been in MFB?]
Have you been to any WBO Tournaments? [You don't have to be in one to join]
Why do you want to join?
Do you have a YouTube Channel? [Please Link It]
Your best ATK Combo, DEF Combo, and STM Combo [PM Me this Info]
General information about you
Location (Where you live)

We only accept a couple Beybladers for the team, you will have a limited of chances to attempt an application.

Again, we are not some Beyblade Team that does nothing at all. We have meet-ups, online or in person, go to tournaments and practice, and have each of our own skills.

There are no Generals or anything involved, but let me come off to say that I will be running the show here, and BeyCenter will be assisting me.

Thank You for your time,
Best Reguards, jtarules89
(Dec. 13, 2011  4:22 PM)jtarules89 Wrote: Hi, my name is Tyler also known as jtarules89 on here. I am starting a team for local and non local bladers in the USA. The local part of the team will be here in Knoxville, TN and city's around Knoxville. Anyone is welcome to join the team. I am currently working on a team website from scratch. It should be up within the next few days. If you are interested please feel out this form below, and pm it and or email it to me at, thanks.

favorite type of beyblade:
Contact information:

In that case the prefix should be [USA]
Okay thanks it should be fixed now.