Bit beasts?

Your favorite bit beast and why.
Black Dranzer (anime)
i get your bit beast that's why.
death gargoyle because its freakin awesome
I like Driger S's Bit-beast design.
I like Master Dragoon's Bit Beast 'cause its the first one i ever saw
Seaborg! It's a gol-durn whale!
Rapid Eagle.

It's an eagle, with TWO HEADS.
Draciel. Beause I always have liked defense and max was my favorite character. I used it in all my favorite combos as well, when I was younger.
Appollon cause it looks mega cool
Wolborg. It's darn awesome.
Dranzer, Driger followed by Wolborg.

Those were my top three
wolborg, dranzer, driger, flash leopard
death gargoyle, Dranzer, Black Dranzer, Dragoon, zues.....
kid dragoon because it was the first blade i owned
Reaper, becouse it looks so freakin' awesome an a master dragoon ar!
I always thought Pierce Hedgehog sounded like a Megaman villain...
Change my mind.
it's ultimate saizo Smile
best beyblade ever.
Zeus (Oh what a surprise, not. XD)
Then Poseidon, and Strata Dragoon. Smile lol
(Aug. 14, 2009  3:18 AM)Pepe le Penguin Wrote: Pierce Hedgehog, necause it reminds me of Sandslash mixed with a doggy Joyful_3

[Image: 204][Image: 552409-028___sandslash_super.png]

My new favourite bit beast.
Gekiryu-Oh, because its a blue dragon. Who doesnt love a blue dragon?!
Galeon- looks sick as