Beyblade parts you want to see come true!

(Sep. 19, 2011  1:56 AM)Goldchain3 Wrote: A wheel like Lightning or Meteo but in right spin, not left. And the gaps are widened. HOLY CARP!!!!!!! Smash attack GOD!!! Watch out Beat! Here comes Victory (the MW's name)!!

Just wonder if they made a rubber extreme flat designed like r2f. Just how fast could that be? EDIT: It is developed to have 100% Accuracy! And imagine if that REF was on that Smash God L Drago! SMASH ATTACK LORD! Gasp Chocked_2

I'd also like to see a "4d" track. It has a special mechanism for whenever it senses another bey, something (a fin, wing, whatever) comes out from the beys track and strikes the other bey's track hard and (maybe) a one hit KO!Speechless
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This isn't the right place for that

Anyway, I want to see something like CF(coating flat), CMF (samething but metal flat) and CMS
r2f mixed with cs but with a metal sharp
I just had an L-drago destroy that spins both directions and is wider than the hell wheel.
i'm pretty sure this has been posted before, but i' love to see some old Ar's remade into fusion/4d metal wheels, like Wing survivor, eight spiker, or flying defense(ridiculous idea), flying defense could possibly a good balance/stamina track
but what about

L-Drago Mecha J:C

Face: L-Drago III
4D Fusion Wheel: L-Drago Mecha
Metal Frame: L-Drago III
Core: Mecha
4D Bottom: Jump Core

a variant of L-Drago Destroy based on Cyber Dragoon, ha-ha!
Semi Wide Defense (SWD): The same concept as a EWD only with a semi defense bottom instead of a sharp tip surrounded by the wide part giving (what I assume) superior stamina than SD or WD
Wide Metal Flat, still good stamina for an attack tip and gives the bey more smash.
Bounce Ball, A rubber ball made out of that bouncy ball material, just for fun really I doubt it'd have any competitive use.
Anger Drive 4D bottom, goes from B to some sort of wide hole flat when hit hard enough.
And D:D:R delta drive remastered, which comes with, Coat Sharp. WD and RB all in one 4:D bottom, Handy much?
Like above, some Magnecore Bottoms, tracks, wheels, etc. would be cool because you could control the beyblades during the battle using a magnet.
Awesome sauce.
No....But this is can actually customize
Also the Brand is just more popular.
CMF (Coat Metal Flat)
(Sep. 22, 2011  8:02 AM)BeyFan Wrote: So, you want to turn them into Battle Strikers? lol

It didn't work with battle strikers, I tried.

AB145 (Aero Ball) - The bottom half of this spin track is a compartment that holds a metal ball. At the top of this compartment (approximately the middle of the track) are small holes all the way round. As the bey spins, air moves through the holes, creating a change in air pressure which lifts the ball upwards. As it slows down, the ball drops back down, shifting the centre of gravity and improving balance.
how about this?

S2D me and benjohadi are currently in the process of designing a bey with this in, killer matador CF145S2D

ok side step defence i think it was, and it has a mini ball bearing in the centre of it, not sticking out too much, but the ball can spin in any direction, so if it got hit in one direction, it would make it dodge some of the other hits, making the movement random.
(Sep. 18, 2011  12:49 PM)RowDog Wrote: I'd love to see this come true
Hemisphere would be a very interesting part.

I'd also like to see something like D: D except it only has two tips: MF and RF. That would be the ultimate attack piece especially with an LR metal wheel.
I had a design drawn like this with the exact same parts!

(Sep. 22, 2011  4:19 PM)T. L-Drago 9207 Wrote: CMF (Coat Metal Flat)

I already Said that.

You know what would be cool. EG:LMA(some height)

EG is like an MFB engine core. It works with any tip and. and LMA is Light Metal Attacker. It uses Light metal (no derp) and Its free spinning in the shape of a triangle with off going vertices.
Divine Susanow DF100MWF

Motif/Face: Susanow II
Energy Ring: Susanow II
Fusion Wheel: Divine
Spin Track: Down Force 100
Performance Tip: Metal Wide Flat
i really want to see a hole2flat just luke rubber2flat but with plasitc and hole flat
It is not "rubber2flat", it is R²F, which stands for Right Rubber Flat.
(Sep. 22, 2011  4:19 PM)T. L-Drago 9207 Wrote: CMF (Coat Metal Flat)

or coat metal spike (CMS)
(Sep. 23, 2011  2:09 AM)Kai-V Wrote: It is not "rubber2flat", it is R²F, which stands for Right Rubber Flat.

Meaning that what he wanted was RHF.
A fourze tip? Like DGrin but interchangeable(can hold 2 at a time) with base state modules. Rocket mode (WF) ( makes the bey jump at start(charges engine at the same time) and a final boost at the end) Launcher mode (smaller RB) (releases a series of 5 clutches with gives the bey a tiny jump and boost each time) , drill mode (small metal spots on MF bottom with a MS in it and a metal spiral around MF)( gives off a boost at start and end while dropping 2 metal bearings to the bottom of the tip to strengthen def and stamina) and radar module( hole
Flat) (hole flat with rotating metal and rubber center that goes up and Down)
Wide Semi-Flat

Hole Wide Semi-Flat

Metal Semi-Flat