Beyblade mod I made (No tools or tampering)

I've been collecting beyblades for a long time and I got lucifer then end. i was kind of bored because I had no other limit break systems and therefore I could not customize the disk and it left me to get a little crafty. I discovered that lucifer the end fits with any DB disk... some better than others. With the Tappard disk, it slides(with no teeth) Same for nexis+s and Allmight+s. The nexis +s and the Allmight+s make it way to easy to burst. With the karma disk, it is just a weird wildcard. with the all might disk/driver and the shot Disk/driver, They fit perfectly... but they need to be pushed in a little to activate the limit break system same for standard nexis and allmight. the giga disk is almost perfect, but it has a permanent limit break on it.(Always activated). The over disk is the best fit for the beyblade. It activates the limit break system on the second click and adds a significant weight change. I did a lot of test battles, and Lucifer the end is superior to most beyblades with a proper performance tip and over.