Beyblade metal fusion duotron launcher launch 2 tops

these are apparently pretty hard too find they had a sticker that said only at walmart so i guess that would make them hard to find... any thoughts?
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We've known about this for some time now...

It wouldn't make them hard to find because there's Wal-Marts everywhere. Also, we do not need new topics on Hasbro releases because they will probably be discussed in the Beyblade: Metal Fusion [HOBBY] topic.
Meh......lookS nice and could be used for equal testing...I guess
But looks a good to be true thing
To good to be true?

It's in a Hasbro box for crying out loud.

Anyways a mod should close this.
(Nov. 06, 2010  6:21 AM)RayJoker Wrote: We've known about this for some time now...
Have we ? I did not find any picture anywhere ...

Anyway, if donnieall123 really bought it and can test how strong a launch it gives, then this topic can remain open.

EDIT : I suppose not since the images are from this site ...

When somebody buys one and can test what sort of launch it can give, post it in the Beyblade Metal Fusion thread.