Beyblade metal fusion

As i have found out that Beyblade Metal fusion will arrive in stores April 30 2010...
The anime will start 730pm Eastern June 26 2010!

Have fun hope u thought it was helpful!
I don't really think this was necessary..
(May. 22, 2010  12:39 AM)∂an Wrote: I don't really think this was necessary..

To all of us in the USA it is. Maybe not to you.
It's already May 21...
There is already a thread for this, Nate. In fact, you posted on it to advertise this thread rather than put this info in a post on THAT thread. So don't get catty with me.
Most people dont know the toy release date.
This is old news. Also, no country got any Beyblade: Metal Fusion products on April 30th. They became available in Canada (which was the first country to have BMF) around the time the anime premiered (May 15th). Read before posting.