Beyblade burst vs metal series

Hello guys, pretty new here. I am beyblading since I was 10. So I am pretty much stuck to metal era of beyblades however I've seen many many burst beyblades rising up...why and how they are better than beyblades that were there for a decade
Thanks with respect
So as someone who grew up on plastic gen, skipped metal gen completely (teen phase), and now I got into burst as an adult, I can say for me what caught my eye with burst is the layer designs. Vibrant and colorful layers with intricate details pulled me in, interesting gimmicks and parts variety is what made me stay. This isn't to say anything negative about metal gen as I honestly know very little about it currently, but I am open to it.
I don't think burst series is better or worse than the previous series. I think both of them are very attractive but in different aspects.
The battle between metal beys are much more aggressive, while the outlook of burst beys are cool and the gimmicks are very interesting.