Beyblade burst rivals codes

The title says it all. Type any beyblade burst rivals codes and tell us what they do, do they give you a special bey or make the game better and easier?
You can find all the codes on the Beyblade Burst Rivals Discord. They give you items like bey boxes or beys.
Dont have discord, can you type in the codes?
(Jan. 01, 2020  5:47 AM)lilphilyb Wrote: Dont have discord, can you type in the codes?


rval-dscd-5k5k-5k5k Brutal turbo box
rval-dscd-wntr-vctn Dreadful turbo box
rval-dscd-4k4k-4k4k Hazard turbo box
rval-dscd-3k3k-3k3k Wondrous turbo box
9s5y-hrnn-rwub-jqeh Evolution Top Box 4
9hyu-bz3q-tg46-es9n Z Achilles Master Version
bbbr-rval-char-xpza Z Achilles CharaExpo Version

Youtube+Link to video
beyb-lade-rval-july Evolution Top Box 4
Can you have any new beyblade burst rivals code