Beyblade Videos

[video=youtube]These Combos Earned Me 5th Place At My Beyblade Tournament[/video]

I’m new to posting videos, so I don’t know if this will embed quite right.

I’ve been having very different results with my Dynamite F Perseus Over Bearing’ 0 than other folks, so I thought I’d post some testing videos. I tested against Devil F Perseus/Valkyrie, Over, Zone’ +hasZ/Hxt+’/Bearing’ with 0. Each time only changing one part variable to get as equal comparisons as possible.

The video shows my regular results that I’ve tested many many times, which is that in this mirror match my Dynamite F Perseus Over Bearing’ wins against all the other part variations. I have duplicates of every one of these drivers that I’ve tested, so this isn’t a fluke part in any particular instance that I can tell.

Enjoy! Discuss! Start blood feuds!