Beyblade Video Requests

Hey mods I’m sorry if this is the wrong place for the thread to be if so could you move it to the correct place thank you.

I've made this thread for people to make requests to me for bey battles you would like to see and i will try and make the video and upload it to youtube asap. Once i have uploaded your bey battle request onto youtube i will PM you just to let you know that your request has been done, request to me via PM please and talk about it on the thread.

The list of beys i have:

Virgo DF145BS
Aquario 105F
Pisces D125BS
Saggitario 145S
R.Leone 145WB
Quetz 90WF
Libra DF145BS
Escolpio WD145B
F.Saggitario C145S
D.Wolf DF145SF
Pegasis 145D
S.Pegasis 105RF
Capricorne 100HF
Leone 145D
Bull 125SF
D.Bull H145SD
M.Cancer CH120FS (light bey)
W.Leone D125HF (light bey)
H.wolf WD145SF (light bey)
Metal faces

You also can make any customization out of these parts however you want.

People do not spam please it gets on my nerves and I’m sure others to so please just stick to the basic WBO forum rules and also could you request for the beys i put up, thank you.
I think it should have gone in "Your creatins" forum, that's where I put all of my beyblade videos updates etc.
ok soz
Pisces D125BS
S.Peg 105 RF?

Yes ok i'll be able to do that, i'll PM you once i've uploaded it and made it onto youtube.
s peg 100rf vs mf rock cancer wd145wb please after that one.
Hi can u make a Escolpio WD145B vs F.Saggitario C145S thanks
Ok then sora and bey tempestas, but guys you do know you can mix the parts up for customizations battles right ?
yes thats why i said rock cancer wd 145 wb, like cancxer clear wheel and face, wd145 track and wb bottom.
Yeah i know you did the customization i was just stating to the others because they did the original customs, unless they intended for that if so then i was just stating it.
yeah i know i wanted to know how good escolpio was
I just wanted to see how long pisces could hold out against storm peg anyway thanks, ill comment later.
Could you make Dark Bull h145SB vs Storm Pegasus 100RF please?
akylus theres no sb part, you must mean bs.
Can you please do:

Leone 105 RF vs Flame Sag 100 F? Thanks.
Is there any chance you could do Flame Sagittario 145SD Vs. Aquario 105RF?