Beyblade Tournament Towards Inova L. J. Murphy Children’s Hospital!

Hello World Bladers!

While most of our announcements tend to be on the gameplay side of things, WBO Staff wanted to turn your attention towards something unique that can make a meaningful in difference in many people's lives.

LeftBurst, along with Organizer Mike.Nightwing, are orchestrating an incredible event for charity on July 23rd, held at 12PM in Mike’s Gaming Loft. 

We all love organizing events to play Beyblade together, build strong friendships, and foster a love of the game. Not too often do we get an opportunity to promote a different cause through our community, though. It can be a truly powerful thing when the WBO Beyblade community comes together! 

This is where LeftBurst comes in. LeftBurst has decided to pioneer something different and profound, and it is something we would like to highlight and promote as much as possible: a randomly-selected Beyblade tournament with a $10 admission fee where all funds received will be directly donated to the Inova L. K. Murphy Children’s Hospital!

This hospital is medical center with comprehensive pediatric care located in Northern Virginia (about a half-hour drive from Mike’s Gaming Loft). The institution devotes itself to the healthcare of children, from infants to adolescents, so there really could be few better causes for the Beyblade community to rally around.

If you are interested in the event or are curious to learn more about how you can participate, how it works, or want to help out, please feel free to read more about it in its dedicated Tournament page found here.

Join us in supporting LeftBurst and Mike.Nightwing on a very special endeavour!