Beyblade Spirit Anime/Manga Updates.

With the new anime already started, I think it is better to make a separate thread for these updates.

"Coinciding with the broadcast of the first episode of Metal Fight Beyblade, many things were added to the site:
- You can watch the opening and ending themes for the new season on the Videos page.

- The trailer for the second episode (titled "Leone's Fangs!"), the opening and the ending were uploaded on YouTube :

- I have written the summary of the first episode.

- Voice Clips of the Japanese voices were added to the following profiles: Ginga Hagane, Kyouya Tategami, Benkei, Kenta Yumiya.

- A page for the story of Metal Fight Beyblade was created.

I will also try to make the new theme songs (mp3s) available somehow on Beyblade Spirit. Moreover, screenshots should be on the way.

Enjoy. "
Nice update Kai-V. Cute
Basically, every time something new will appear in the anime, it will be added to the site within the following days. For instance, right now, most of the Metal Fight Beyblade character pages are done, and the episode guide is updated almost always right after the broadcast of an episode.
Wow Kai-V, we really appreciate the diligent updates!
Khel Wrote:Wow Kai-V, we really appreciate the diligent updates!
JamesLeeNguyen Wrote:Thanks again Kai-v keep up the nice work!Joyful_3
Thank you.

On another note, Travaro, the owner of Cyber Tiger Anime, is just too kind.
Wow, Kai Thanks Alot for the amazing updates! Keep it up!
thank you for your effort.
btw some characters look so stuped. like the dog. hope they dont appear in the anime
(May. 05, 2009  1:41 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Thank you.

On another note, Travaro, the owner of Cyber Tiger Anime, is just too kind.

How so? Grin
(May. 05, 2009  9:15 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: How so? Grin
I get free hosting and I have recently ran out of space for the second time, but he still adds approximately 100 more MB every time. Perhaps the space limit could be considered 'tight' but, for free, I find that it is very generous. Plus, if I have difficulty with some features, he helps me whenever he can.

Anyway, thank you to those who have replied since my last message. JamesLeeNguyen, I usually post every news I find.
All the Metal Fight Beyblade character profiles have been updated to a point where I think this section is as complete as it can be. A few voice clips have to be taken, but I otherwise do not know what could be added. If you have any idea, do not hesitate to post it.

Also, of course episode 30 screenshots have been uploaded.
That's a good deal you have, Kai.
Yes, my host, Cyber Tiger Anime, closed, so Beyblade Spirit consequently died too. However, I plan on doing something with all the content I had, do not worry.