Beyblade Random Thoughts

(Apr. 29, 2009  11:38 AM)Rocky Wrote: Jesus. As much as I'm terrified for my money, it's pretty damn exciting isn't it?! 8D I hope we get such a good reception when MFB comes over here. Joyful_3

exciting for you

for me, who spent the past two days trying to find any store with metal faces to use at BWR, it wasn't that exciting
I don't have any Storm Pegasis' though. And they're pretty much as important as each other. Unhappy But you gotta look on the brightside of things. Joyful_3 We can't always get what we want but I'm still excited. For everyone else if not myself. Grin
I still haven't found any Metal Faces yet Unhappy
I just hope TheINtoy find a supplier before Spinoff so I can get some lol.
it sounds like heaps of people wont be getting things in time for bwr and spinoff lol thats how it was for the aussie meet and greet tournament to.
I just brought master Dranzer from my bro for £4, is that a good price?
(Apr. 29, 2009  6:09 PM)Zander Soulwind Wrote: I just brought master Dranzer from my bro for £4, is that a good price?

I'd say so, I bought mine for £15 (although it was a hyperblade).
(Apr. 29, 2009  6:18 PM)NeekAlert Wrote: I'd say so, I bought mine for £15 (although it was a hyperblade).
Geeze, I charge like, half that and mine is takara!
(Apr. 29, 2009  7:04 PM)Deikailo Wrote: Geeze, I charge like, half that and mine is takara!

I was young and foolish at the time. :\
Libra is at 2600 yen now ... absolutely insane. I lost a bid on a Flame Sag + Metal Face lot. It sold for 2600.
Sorry to hear about that Brad Unhappy

I wonder though how much would the RBV2 Libras be going for now? Considering the mold differences and the limited availability. It should probably increase in price soon.
I guess we should be happy Beyblade is at such explosive popularity levels. Unsmith

Still, it absolutely sucks to have such a hard time getting some of these things.
In a couple of months it should be easily available. It's not as early as we like, but hey I guess we can't have everything in life...
I guess I wont be buying much for the next few months.
This is like when the first generation of beyblades were released all over again :\
Sticker faces are lame. They make no sense.
I don't see what's so bad about about them.
Just seems counterproductive and looks a little cheap. Not a big deal really.
(Apr. 29, 2009  8:36 PM)Khel Wrote: Sticker faces are lame. They make no sense.

Why not? Adds customization, (well sort of)
I like stickers. I always felt that building MFB was pretty unfulfilling (I thought building plastics was fun. Cute). More stickers, the better, IMO. Even if they do look bad (these look so much better than the old ones, though).
yeah the sticker faces do suck, but at least we can get some blank faces

not that it matters now since once people can actually find them everyone will be using metal face
True True; those are the nicest looking of all faces.

......oh and they're useful.

EDIT: Also I see what Zen-X was pointing out on the metal wheel which prevents multi-directional spin. It's so obviously tacked on, it's not even funny. Oh well, Rock Leone still looks awesome.
plus if you want a face you can put the face sticker on them
Wonder when we'll start to hear some news about Hasbro regarding MFB. We all know MFB will be released worldwide in 2010, but January '10 and December '10 is a very big difference. If we don't get the month of the release, I at least want to know if MFB will be released in the Summer of 2010, or the winter, or the spring of 2010, etc.

ftr stickers suck. I don't know why Takara even brought them back.
It's insane looking through YJA at the beyblades.
Almost every MFB auction has a bid (or several) on it.

Stuff going for prices higher than I figured they ever would.
Even Random Booster Light, people are still paying really well, for the light wheels!

Beyblade is most definitely back full force, I just hope that when it's brought outside of asia, it has as much impact. I want to continue the 'glory days' of classic beyblading. Smile
You know how some beyblades spin very nicely when spun with your fingers? Turns out Rock Leone is one of them. WB allows it to maintain it's balance well. Good way to kill time.
^ I do this to, when I can't be bothered to put the ripcord(winder?) through the launcher I just spin it with my fingers and they spin for a good amount of time!